On sale date: 7th February 2013


Issue: 252

The Universe is a Hologram

The experiment that's set to reveal whether the Cosmos is a projection


Why we may all be living inside a Matrix-style simulation

Secrets of Pompeii

Unlocking the secrets of the buried city and the volcano that destroyed it

Richard Feynman

Celebrating the incredible legacy of the revolutionary physicist

The End of Flu

The vaccine that could make flu a thing of the past

Sub Zero

How a robotic sub under the Antarctic ice is revealing the impact of climate change

The Smart Home

The gadgets that'll let you automate your home

Helen Czerski

What shape is a raindrop?


How Do We Know: The expansion of the Universe?

Discoveries: Inside the mind of an astronaut

MegaPixel: Awe-inspiring images from the world of science

Q&A: Is itching contagious?

To Do List: Extinction at the Natural History Museum

Tech Hub: The smartphone with two screens

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