On sale date: 23rd May 2018


Issue: 322

Through the wormhole

We find out if we could take a shortcut into another galaxy by plunging through a black hole.

The science that can close the gender pay gap

Could pay transparency transform our working lives for the better?

Living with chimps

Iconic conservationist Jane Goodall chats to us about chimps, women in science, and why we should look up from our phones.

Thought-controlled tech

Researchers around the world are building machines that we can control with our minds.

So long, and thanks for all the pics

The two-year Juno mission is coming to a close. We take a look back over some of its incredible pictures of Jupiter.


  • Could be get antigravity from antimatter?
  • What is the carbon footprint of an email?
  • Do babies have nightmares?


Eye opener - Incredible images from around the world.

Discoveries - The biggest science news. PLUS: Hawking’s last theory.

Michael Mosley - Is runner’s high a real thing?

Innovations - All the best technology and gadget news. PLUS: Smartwatches go head-to-head.

Helen Czerski - Helen stares up at the clouds.

Out there - All the best science books and shows to look forward to.

Crossword - Get your brain in gear.

My life scientific - Helen Pilcher talks to Roma Agrawal about why engineers are unsung heroes.

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