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Unsolved Mysteries Of The Dinosaurs

Published: 05th January, 2017 at 00:00
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What colour were they? Did they have feathers? And what’s the story with T. rex’s stupid arms?

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Issue: 303

Unsolved mysteries of the dinosaurs

What colour were they? Did they have feathers? And what’s the story with T. rex’s stupid arms?

Inside the teenage mind

What neuroscience can tell us about those awkward years that every parent dreads.

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Stocks of fish in our oceans are declining rapidly. So what can we

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Denmark is the happiest country on Earth, apparently. What do the Danes know that we don’t?

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Your body is crawling with bacteria and fungi. But don’t worry: most of them are there to keep you alive…

Should we stop setting homework?

Is giving kids homework a good or a bad thing? Educational psychologists are divided.


  • Why can’t we regrow teeth?
  • What colour is the sky on an exoplanet?
  • How do fish sleep?


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