On sale date: 7th March 2013

Issue: 253

Upload Your Brain

Imagine a future where you can upload your thoughts and emotions to the internet. It may sound like science fiction, but advances in neuroscience mean that this could one day be possible. In April's cover feature, Rita Carter looks at the technology that will allow us to upload our brains. Would you share your experiences with others?

Resurrecting Troy

The ancient city of Troy is one of the most mysterious and legendary places on Earth. Now, armed with an arsenal of new scientific techniques, archaeologists might finally be about to separate fact from fiction.

Chaos Reigns

Fifty years since its conception, chaos theory is still at the forefront of scientific research. We take a look at its legacy and explore how it can be used to predict everything from climate change to planetary orbits.

Also inside this issue:

Gardening in space: why astronauts will have to get gardening if they want to explore deep space

Smarty ants: what these tiny insects can teach us, from crowd control to better satellites

Richard III's bones: the science that uncovered the lost King

Smart specs: we try out the new augmented reality glasses you'll want to wear


How Do We Know: How diseases spread?

Discoveries: The bacteria that live 10km up

MegaPixel: Awe-inspiring images from the world of science

Q&A: Why does it feel strange to walk up a non-working escalator?

To Do List: National Science & Engineering Week

Tech Hub: Robot vacuum cleaners put to the test

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