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Welcome to the Multiverse

Published: 29th May, 2014 at 00:00
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Inside this month's Focus, find out why it suggests that our Universe could just be one of many.

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Issue: 269

Welcome to the Multiverse

Earlier this year, scientists made a dramatic breakthrough, detecting gravitational waves from the dawn of time. This provided new evidence for the theory of inflation, explaining how our Universe was kick-started in the instant before the Big Bang. But the breakthrough also hints at an even more incredible discovery. Inside this month's Focus, find out why it suggests that our Universe could just be one of many.

Secrets of Stonehenge

It's one of Britain's most iconic sights, and yet for centuries the truth about Stonehenge has eluded the grasp of archaeologists and antiquarians. But that could be about to change, as recent digs are shedding new light on the origins of this most mysterious of monuments...

Inside the minds of dogs

What is your dog really thinking as he looks up at you with those big, sad eyes? Thanks to the latest brain scanning techniques, we're closer than ever to finding out. We reveal how our understanding of our four-legged friends is being revolutionised by a nifty experiment which sees dogs being trained to sit in MRI scanners.

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