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BBC Science Focus magazine is your essential guide to the most important ideas in science and technology today. Our magazine is dedicated to the thrill of discovery: every issue explores how new breakthroughs and theories are shaping our understanding of the world and will ultimately change our lives.


There’s a lighter side to science too. In our most popular section, Q&A, we let our readers’ curiosity run wild: our panel of scientists, doctors and experts answer your burning questions every issue. So whether you want to get to grips with the laws of physics, understand the latest health and wellbeing research, or just find out why cheese is so addictive, this is the magazine for you.

Why you should subscribe to BBC Science Focus Magazine 350

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These days, the world changes every hour. Science and technology is moving faster than ever before, and the problems we face are messy and complex. Our goal at BBC Science Focus is to help our readers navigate the issues that matter and stay up to date with the latest scientific thinking, with the kind of accurate, impartial, clear reporting you expect from the BBC.

And despite all the bad news out there, we ultimately have a positive outlook on the future. So when we look at the challenges we all face – from pollution, to climate change, to disease – we seek out the scientists looking for solutions and report on their work.


What’s coming up?

For July, we’ve put together a feel-good issue: a roller coaster designer shares his design secrets, scientists tell us about the hidden benefits of cold-water swimming and we dig into the project that will help dogs and humans live longer, healthier lives.

After that we’re going to be investigating the UK’s ambitious plans to visit the Moon, and looking at how psychology – our understanding of the human mind – is going through a radical shake-up.

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Or if you prefer podcasts, we’ve got a mind-blowing, new series, Everything you ever wanted to know about… illusions, magic and the paranormal with Prof Richard Wiseman. The latest episodes reveal what studying illusions can tell us about the human mind, why magicians make great psychologists and how you can make your own luck.

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