Wild ideas to blow your mind © Sam Falconer
© Sam Falconer

Wild ideas to blow your mind

  • Ageing has an off-switch
  • Babies without pregnancy
  • Plants are conscious
  • Mushrooms can save the world
  • Robots won't think like us
  • We've already found life on Mars
  • Death is reversible
  • Dark matter is under our feet

How to grow food in space

Inside the Antarctic research station where they're figuring our how to do just that.

Interview: Hannah Fry

Meet the mathematician who'll be giving this year's Christmas Lectures

Is there anybody in there?

Up to 20 per cent of people in persistent vegetative states may actually be conscious. But how can we help?


  • Why positive thinking is overrated
  • Michael Mosley on how to stick to your New Year's resolutions

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