On sale date: 10th January 2013


Issue: 251

Wonders of Life

As Brian Cox's new BBC series hits our screens, we look at how our senses evolved.

PLUS, Brian describes his close encounter with 'alien' intelligence

Sir Patrick Moore

Looking back at the astronomer's greatest achievements

How Dinosaurs Conquered the World

The untold story of how they rose to dominance

Playing With Fire

One man's death-defying mission to the heart of an active volcano

Measuring Machines

Recording the cosmos one atom at a time

Nobody's Perfect

Why to err really is human

Helen Czerski

The BBC presenter begins her brand new column


How Do We Know: How the continents formed?

Discoveries: The first dinosaur?

MegaPixel: Awe-inspiring images from the world of science

Q&A: Do ants have feelings?

To Do List: The Genius of Invention on BBC Two

Tech Hub: The robo-doctor that could save your life

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