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Issue : 293

Wonders of the drone age

Unmanned aerial vehicles are helping us to explore exciting environments for the first time, including the Amazon rainforest and huge Vietnamese caves.

The allergy fallacy

Studies suggest that in many cases, it’s time to stop worrying about gluten and lactose, and tuck into a cheese sandwich.

Making waves

From gravitational waves and gamma-ray bursts to black holes and neutron stars, deep space is home to some very strange phenomena.

Survival of the fittest

A look at the ways in which humans have adapted to the most extreme conditions on Earth.

Is porn warping our brains?

How does viewing pornography affect the brain and alter human behaviour?

A flag for planet Earth

With Earth Day looming on 22 April, we consider what our planet’s flag might look like.

Reader survey

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Understand forensic science

Fighting crime with science is an enduring meme. But what do forensic scientists actually do?


Discoveries - This month’s top science news, plus all things tech in ‘Innovations’.

Robin Ince - We all love to laugh, but why do we do it?

Robert Matthews - Why BMI is so much BS.

My Life Scientific - Edzard Ernst.

Helen Czerski - The shampoo in your bathroom is constantly shifting in a swirling waltz.

Out There - the best science books, television programmes and day trips. PLUS: Explore San Francisco with Katy Huff.


  • Why are some people hairier than others?
  • Why does garlic give you bad breath?
  • How fat do you have to be to stop a bullet?

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