Why do we find puppies so cute? © Getty Images

Why do we find puppies so cute?

Awwww, isn't he adorable ?

Asked by: Arnold Hopper, Swansea


With their big, round eyes, button noses and large heads, puppies share many of the same physical characteristics as human babies. And like babies, as well as kittens, teddies and many cartoon characters, puppies provoke in us an automatic ‘cute response’. They grab our attention, we enjoy looking at them and, at a neural level, they trigger activity associated with reward and also compassion and empathy.

In humans, and other animals, this response is an evolved, innate behaviour that motivates adults to look after helpless infants, and to be more sensitive to their needs and feelings. It makes sense, then, that a recent study found that puppies reach peak cuteness at eight weeks of age, just the time when their canine mothers leave them to fend for themselves.

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