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Top 10: which foods are most radioactive © Getty Images

Top 10: Which are the most radioactive foods?

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Delicious 'radiation on toast' wouldn't be your first choice of breakfast but a surprising amount of everyday snacks are radioactive

1. Brazil nuts


pCi* per kg: 12,000

pCi per serving: 240

2. Butter beans

pCi per kg: 4,600

pCi per serving: 460

3. Bananas

pCi per kg: 3,500

pCi per serving: 420

4. Potatoes

pCi per kg: 3,400

pCi per serving: 850

5. Carrots

pCi per kg: 3,400

pCi per serving: 255

6. Red meat

pCi per kg: 3,000

pCi per serving: 240

7. Avocados

pCi per kg: 2,500

pCi per serving: 420

8. Beer

pCi per kg: 390

pCi per pint: 222

9. Water

pCi per kg: 170

pCi per pint: 100

10. Peanut butter

pCi per kg: 120

pCi per serving: 3.6

* pCi = picocurie

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