The James Webb Space Telescope has now graced us with a collection of highly detailed images of space. Through these images, we have seen galaxies that are many billions of light-years away, a beautifully crisp image of the death of a star, and a shot of a group of galaxies overlapping each other that took 1,000 images to create.


So how do we celebrate such a monumental moment in science? With memes, of course! Within minutes of the images being live, they had been carefully crafted and edited, compared to everything from bowling alley carpets to surrealist art, and thrown into the mix with beloved films and TV shows.

Below we've gathered our favourite JWST memes to celebrate this event.

Dali and Ernst would have loved the JWST

Bowling alleys beat the JWST to it

NASA identifies intelligent life in space

The two sides of technology collide

The telescope he tells you not to worry about

It's all so clear now

Why travel billions of light years when you could just get the bus

One for the Superman fans out there

Planet B-Ball was a key finding from the JWST

Have you seen the images yet? Have you?!

Even Google's Doodle got invovled

© Google
© Google

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