Dark woman of Mars spotted, sort of… © NASA

Dark woman of Mars spotted, sort of…

NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover has been brilliant at sending us photos of the Red Planet, but is there really a woman (and a crab) walking around the place?

If you look really hard at this photo, you might, if you think really hard about it, see a mysterious, shadowy woman walking across the surface of Mars. Likewise, in this photo you can clearly see a giant space crab scuttling up a wall. At least that’s what UFO Sightings Daily would have you believe. Unfortunately, we can’t actually tell you what they are, but the likelihood is that they are not aliens. In fact they’re probably just rocks.


So why can you see the ‘Dark Lady of Mars’? Well that comes down to an evolutionary trick called pareidolia, which makes us see or hear things that aren’t really there (think the man on the Moon, or Ozzy Osborne played backwards). Jeffery Kluger of TIME says that this phenomenon “helps infants focus on faces early and also allowed humans in the wild to spot danger easily”. As we all know, it is far better to over-react to a safe situation than under-react to a dangerous one.


If, on the other hand, it is a Martian woman, she must have a terribly lonely time finding a date…