Mesmerising video shows 3,538 alien worlds © Daniel Fabrycky

Mesmerising video shows 3,538 alien worlds

This stunning video shows all the planetary systems with more than one planet discovered by the Kepler telescope so far.

Created by Daniel Fabrycky from the Kepler science team, the video shows the relative sizes of the 3,538 alien worlds and their orbits. The exoplanets are coloured according to their order from the host star – innermost planets are red, followed by yellow, green, and so on. For comparison, the four terrestrial planets in our Solar System are shown in grey in the top left of the image.


The visualisation is named the ‘Kepler Orrery’, in reference to the mechanical models that show the relative motions and positions of the planets in our Solar System. So make the video full screen, sit back, and enjoy the spectacle!


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