On 21 August we saw the first total solar eclipse in America for 38 years. Everyone in the continent got the chance to witness at least a partial eclipse, but areas experiencing totality observed the iconic ‘diamond ring’, the Sun’s remarkable corona and the extraordinary colour changing sky - and boy, did Twitter make the most of it!


Climbing in the dark is worth it for this perfect shot!

We absolutely love this star wars reference!

Wish we could have been there!

Fantastic timeline of the approach to totality

The sword in the sky…

Definitely screensaver worthy

One ring to rule them all… superb shot from Fort Bragg, California

A safe, home-made way to view the eclipse!

NASA, forever topping our eclipse photography

Ever wondered what an eclipse looks like from above?

A backstage view of the eclipse for the crew of the ISS!

A once in a lifetime experience for the astronauts aboard the ISS

Excellent video from Salem, Oregon, the first state to experience totality

Didn’t think the eclipse could make us this hungry…

An unforgettable adventure at Universal Studios Orlando, Florida

We can only imagine the excitement of seeing the diamond ring of the Sun!

Amazing image of a crescent sun

The sudden plunge into darkness from Nashville, Tennessee

Great time lapse showing the movement of the Moon’s umbra

A banana-shaped Sun occupies the skies above the Big Apple

Strange shadows!

Another brilliant reference here!

A hypnotic view of the Sun’s corona

Thanks to Google maps, we could all experience the eclipse!

An eerie photo of the partial eclipse over Disney World, Florida

Such a stunning image!

Perfect timing!

A mesmerising video, like the dust clouds of a distant nebula

Waves of crescents through the trees, wish we were there to see them!

Hungry again… but such an inventive photo!

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