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Would the Big Crunch collapse everything? © Getty Images

Would the Big Crunch collapse everything?

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In reversing the formation of the universe, the Big Crunch may cause matter and space-time to collapse in on itself.

Asked by: Henry Parr, Bristol


Although the ‘Big Crunch’ idea is currently out-of-favour with cosmologists, it is still one possible fate for the Universe.

However, the eventual endpoint of the Big Crunch is not known. In simple terms, if we regard it as the opposite of the Big Bang, we might indeed expect that all matter and space-time itself would collapse into a ‘singularity’: an infinitely dense point similar to that from which the Universe appears to have sprung.

But singularities are notoriously difficult notions to investigate scientifically, so modern physics can say very little about what might ultimately happen during the Big Crunch.


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