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Can a vasectomy be reversed? © Getty Images

Can a vasectomy be reversed?

Published: 04th August, 2022 at 11:00
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Snip snap, snip snap.

In a vasectomy, the tubes that carry sperm from the testes to the penis are blocked or cut. Reversing a vasectomy involves rejoining these tubes, which isn’t always successful. Moreover, it is not usually available on the NHS, and can cost several thousand pounds privately.


The success rates of a reversal are not high – about 75 per cent if done within three years of the original procedure, falling to around 55 per cent up to eight years, and 40 per cent up to 14 years. Because of the low chance of success in reversing it, a vasectomy should be thought of as a permanent procedure for those considering it.

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Dr Nish Manek is a GP in London. She completed her medical degree at Imperial College and was runner-up in the University of London Gold Medal. Manek has also developed teaching courses for Oxford Medical School, and has penned articles for The Guardian and Pulse magazine.


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