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Could the best hangover cure be a juicy pear? © iStock

Could the best hangover cure be a juicy pear?

Published: 03rd August, 2015 at 00:00
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Australian scientists find that the nutritional make up of a pear could make it the secret weapon to cure a hangover and lower blood alcohol levels.

The web is filled with promise of ‘hangover cures’ but preliminary findings in an Australian study has made a surprising discovery and stuck some science behind them.


As part of a study looking for the hidden health benefits of pears, funded by Australia’s national science body (CSIRO), it was discovered that this delicious fruit could help lower cholesterol, relieve constipation and have anti-inflammatory effects. But it was the surprising effect that pears, specifically the Korean variety, have on blood alcohol levels and the effect is has on your hangover that will delight many of you.

Professor Manny Noakes, research director for Nutrition and Health with the CSIRO, says that pears “act on the key enzymes…to speed up alcohol metabolism and elimination or inhibition of alcohol absorption.”

"Believe it or not, there are effects that pears may have on the amount of blood alcohol after an alcoholic drink."

Unfortunately, stocking up on pear juice to go with your greasy fry-up doesn’t look like it’s going to be the answer, as Noakes says that the research shows “no evidence that you can take pear after alcohol consumption.”

Oh well, a pear might not be the best way to cure a hangover, but if you munch on a few or drink 220ml of pear juice before you head out for a night on the tiles (no, a pint of perry doesn’t count), your body is much more prepared for what you are about to put it through.


According to the NHS Choices website, the main cause of your throbbing headache the morning after is that alcohol is a diuretic, making you pee more (which we’re sure you will have noticed by now) and this leads to dehydration. Helpfully, their idea of the best way cure to a hangover is to not drink alcohol in the first place, but failing that make sure you drink plenty of water and only as much as your body can handle.


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