Do women become dehydrated quicker than men? © Getty Images

Do women become dehydrated quicker than men?

Studies have found that women have less body fluid than men to start with. Does this mean that they're more likely to become thirsty quicker?

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Women have bodies that are approximately 55 per cent water, compared with 60 per cent for men, and women also weigh 15 per cent less than men on average. This means that women start with around 11kg less water to lose. What’s more, a 2010 study at the University of Connecticut found that at mild dehydration levels of 1.5 per cent of normal water volume, women suffered worse concentration in performance tests. There is some hope though, because a 2010 study published in Experimental Physiology found that women don’t start sweating during exercise until their body has reached a higher temperature than men. This response may have evolved to help women conserve water.


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