The Fitbit rash first made headlines back in 2014 – there was a nationwide recall of the Force wearable fitness tracker due to reports of a wrist rash. Today, many Fitbit wearers continue to report rashes with the company’s latest line of fitness trackers.


It might be due to contact dermatitis, which is a reaction that can occur anytime there is constant friction, pressure and sweat between the skin and another item, or possibly an allergic reaction related to a substance in the strap itself.

According to Fitbit, the following four measures can help:

  1. Keep your Fitbit clean
  2. Keep it dry
  3. Don’t wear it too tightly
  4. Give your wrist a rest, by removing the band for an hour after extended wear.

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Asked by: Marjorie Eastman, Chester


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Dr Nish Manek is a GP in London. She completed her medical degree at Imperial College and was runner-up in the University of London Gold Medal. Manek has also developed teaching courses for Oxford Medical School, and has penned articles for The Guardian and Pulse magazine.