Dinosaurs - the word conjures up images of gigantic creatures like the majestic Diplodocus or the terrifying T. Rex. First classified in the late 17th century as terrible lizards (a misnomer given they are not reptiles at all), much of what we have learnt has been through careful study of dinosaur fossils, giving us clues about the ancient animals that roamed the Earth 230 - 66 million years ago. Of course not all of this information was faithfully replicated in Jurassic Park, but who are we to argue with Hollywood.

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Did all dinosaurs have feathers?

In Jurassic Park 4, none of the dinosaurs would have feathers. Now scientists have discovered that feathery dinosaurs were even more widespread than previously thought.

No such thing as a brontosaurus

Barely a month goes by without a new fossil find that challenges our understanding of how dinosaurs lived. Dan Cossins discovers that everyone's favourite brontosaurus may have just been a cultural myth...