Whether you’re a casual racer looking to fill some time on your commute, a dedicated gamer looking to unlock every level on a serious campaign, or a competitive multiplayer who wants to challenge your friends online, we’ve put together our picks of the best racing games to get your blood pumping.


From intense rally rides and professional circuits, to light-hearted scrambles with your favourite animated characters, we’ve got everything you’ll need for a packed day of races below.

Best racing games to buy in 2023


If you're looking to become a seasoned rally racer and challenge yourself across multiple landscapes and tracks, WRC 9 comes loaded with over 100 stages, with three new rallies featuring Kenya, New Zealand and Japan.

There are plenty of vehicles to choose from with more than 15 historical cars featured in the game, and the designers have placed an emphasis on realistic physics when it comes to the movements of the cars for an immersive and authentic racing experience.

Once you’ve completed the campaign you can also battle your friends online and see who can rise to the top of the community with the fastest times.

Gran Turismo 7

If you prefer to be in the front seat making every turn, or see yourself as a photographer capturing the action from the side of the track, there are plenty of game modes to explore in Gran Turismo 7.

Designed to create a truly realistic experience the game features a 60fps frame rate, with a variety of vibrations available if you're playing with a DualSense controller that will help you feel every jolt and sudden brake as you bump and glide along the course.

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There are over 90 track routes available to play in a selection of different weather conditions and over 420 vehicles to experience them in.

Burnout Paradise Remastered Switch Edition

For fans of the Burnout franchise, this remastered edition for the Nintendo Switch includes an updated version of the original as well as every DLC pack ever released which means you have the full experience in your handheld device.

Speed, spin and crash your way through a selection of environments, with maps that have been updated and improved with greater graphics in this all-inclusive edition of the game.

Team Sonic Racing 30th Anniversary Edition

Catch up with your favourite characters from the world of Sonic with this 30th anniversary racing edition.

You can either play in arcade mode for a quick game, or challenge friends to a serious multiplayer race with all the special speed boosts and power-ups you've come to expect from this fun and customisable racing adventure.

F1 22

Available across a variety of consoles, the latest F1 game features both classic tracks and new additions such as the Miami International Autodrome.

You can choose from a variety of campaigns whether you want a short run through the championship, or you'd prefer to savour the journey with a longer and more detailed rise from the bottom to the top.

You can even set up your own F1 team from scratch with options to customise your livery and overall racing experience.

Dirt 5 Day One Edition

Embrace the mud and dust of unconventional off-track racing with the Day One Edition of the Dirt series.

The game includes over 70 routes to explore across 10 worldwide locations, throwing different weather conditions your way as you battle to the finish line.

Whether you want to speed along frozen rivers or chase the north lights in Norway, there are plenty of detailed environments for you to hit the high gear in.

You can also battle your friends with the online play, with the option to take on 11 more players in a fierce race as well as explore a number of separate game modes that offer extra missions.

Mx Vs ATV All Out

If your idea of a fun race is revving through muddy tracks in straight races or taking on stunt jumps in freestyle mode, this may be the perfect game for you.

Featuring a whole garage full of ATVs, UTVs and bikes you'll be able to mudslide and backflip through wide open environments or indoor tracks, as you play against the computer or challenge your friends in multiplayer mode.

NFS Heat

Customise the overall look and performance of your vehicles, and even the design of your driver, as you take on the challenges and maps that come built into NFS Heat.

Establish your collection of cars and solidify your reputation on the streets as you take part in a variety of events, from drifting to off-road races, seeing off the competition and the police as you make a name for yourself on the racing scene.

Hot Wheels Unleashed Day One Edition

If you grew up piecing together hot wheels tracks and launching your favourite cars from the top, you'll be pleased to know you can resume your childhood hobby on the PS4 with no limitations on space and speed.

Take the classic orange course and create customisable routes for you and your friends to compete in, or race along pre-made courses that will see you speed, loop and boost through cities and playgrounds.

Ride 4

If you're more into your bikes than your cars, Ride 4 comes complete with over 175 models to choose from so you can zip along 30 built-in tracks that feature locations from all over the world.

Whatever the time of day or night and regardless of weather conditions, you can test your racing acumen and general control as you take on ability tests in the game, and the rest of the world in online mode.

Featuring everything from quick races to endurance missions that involve multiple pit stops, you'll be able to experience every aspect of being a motorbike racer, with the option to customise your outfits and the mechanics of your ride.

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