These days, many of us find ourselves reaching for power banks and charging cables when our devices die halfway through the day. Luckily for us, luggage has caught up, and many bags now come with in-built USB ports for topping up batteries on the move.


Rather than faff with wires, you can plug your charging cable into the bag’s USB port, which connects to a power bank safely stowed inside.

Of course, the term ‘smart backpacks’ covers a whole range of clever bags, including innovative designs with LED screens capable of beaming messages and imagery to the world around you.

We’ve rounded up the very best smart backpacks you can buy online - keep scrolling to see our pick.

The best smart backpacks to buy today

Energizer Laptop Charging Bags

Energizer Laptop Charging Bags on a white background

Energizer is well-known for its batteries and power banks, but you might be surprised to discover the brand’s range of smart rucksacks. They come with a handy battery pack built right in, allowing you to charge your devices on the move.

These two smart backpacks both come with two in-built USB ports, so you can top up two devices at once. The power bank, which you can tuck away inside the bag, has a 10,000mAh capacity - enough to recharge most smartphones up to three times.

But the power bank isn’t the only handy feature of this smart backpack. The makers have also included a luggage strap for securing it to suitcases, as well as plenty of internal pockets to keep your belongings organised.

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Nordace Siena Smart Backpack

Nordace Siena Smart Backpack on a white background

With its minimalist design and selection of attractive colour options, it’s no surprise Nordace’s 19L Siena backpack has become a popular choice among discerning travellers.

It combines modern style with practical elements like water-resistant fabric, a luggage strap and a USB charging port.

The brand has also put a lot of thought into the bag’s storage compartments. You’ll find a laptop compartment inside and a side pocket for water bottles and umbrellas. Some of the more ingenious additions include a fleece-lined compartment for glasses and an anti-theft pocket for valuables hidden at the back.

Plus, you can buy extra accessories, including an RFID blocking travel wallet, a travel adapter and packing cubes.

Smart Bluetooth LED Backpack

Smart Bluetooth LED Backpack on a white background

Here’s something you don’t see everyday: a backpack with an in-built LED screen. While lots of the best smart backpacks earn their name with a power bank or USB port, this one truly makes an impact. It’s a fun gift for children, students and anyone who loves a fashion statement!

To get started, just attach a power bank, connect the bag to your phone using Bluetooth and then control the screen on the app. You’ll be able to switch between text, pictures and animations, so you’re only limited by your imagination when it comes to creating a fun display! You can show friendly greetings, quotes and even business promotions.

The backpack itself is made from durable, water-resistant fabric, so it should keep your belongings safe and dry throughout the day. There’s a mesh back panel for breathability, and plenty of internal compartments to organise your items. The total capacity is 25L, so there shouldn't be any shortage of storage space.

Casual Water Resistant School Bag with USB Charging Port

Casual Water Resistant School Bag with USB Charging Port on a white background

A high-tech backpack with the look of a sleek work bag, this option is perfect for commutes, day trips and city breaks. The waterproof, abrasion-resistant fabric and leather handle make it stylish and durable, while the smart front buckle doubles as a theft deterrent.

Of course, this is also a smart backpack, as it comes with an in-built USB charging port to keep your devices topped up while on the move. There’s also a lined internal pocket for laptops and tablets, and an anti-theft compartment designed to house valuables like wallets and passports.

Laptop Backpack With USB Charging Plug

Laptop Backpack With USB Charging Plug on a white background

If a dedicated laptop bag is what you’re after, you can’t go wrong with this smart backpack from Amazon. It can store laptops with screens up to 15.6” in size, as well as 11” iPads in its protective internal tech compartment.

Other valuables are also safe in this backpack, thanks to the hidden zip-up section on the back panel and the slimline card pockets in the shoulder straps. The outer is water-resistant for protection in poor weather.

You’ll need to add your own power bank, but once you’ve connected it to the backpack’s integrated charging cable and USB port you’ll be able to top up your devices as you travel.

For longer trips, use the luggage strap to secure the backpack to your suitcase.

Travel Laptop Backpack

Travel Laptop Backpack on a white background

With enough room to swallow tech, clothes and valuables, this is one of the best smart backpacks for day trippers. It could also be a great option for new parents, thanks to the versatile double straps and wide-opening top, which makes it easy to rummage for essentials throughout the day.

The design includes a padded laptop compartment, bottle holder and hidden back pocket. Plus, there’s a USB charging port and cable ready for your power bank.

Large Travel Backpack

Large Travel Backpack on a white background

Ideal for flights and holidays, this water-resistant smart backpack fits into most cabin bag compartments, and even comes with a luggage strap to attach it to your suitcase.

You can choose between the small, medium and large size. They all come with a USB charging port - perfect for topping up your phone or tablet battery from a power bank on lengthy flights.


The makers have included several specific storage compartments here, including a shoe section and a wet bag for keeping damp clothing separate. There are also two main sections, two laptop compartments and a hidden zip-up pocket for valuables.


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