You may not have given much thought to smart mirrors before, but there are some fairly impressive models out there - and many with a price tag under £100. These days, mirrors offer everything from dimmable LED lights and Bluetooth speakers to HD screens showing live gym sessions or film and TV via apps like Netflix and Disney+.


Depending on the design, you may even be able to control your smart mirror using voice assistants like Alexa.

The best smart mirrors to buy for your home

We’ve gathered together some of the coolest smart mirrors with the power to upgrade your morning routine.

Dimmable LED illuminated bathroom mirror

Dimmable Led Illuminated Bathroom Mirror in a bathroom

Amazon stocks a range of different smart mirrors designed for the bathroom, and this is one of the best models. It has dimmable LEDs around the edge to mimic natural daylight, and they come with a handy memory function to resume your previous settings when you next turn it on.

There’s also a Bluetooth speaker and, most conveniently, a demister pad behind the mirror to keep it steam-free during showers.

Also, you can hang this mirror either vertically or horizontally, depending on the design of your bathroom, so it’s a versatile choice.

VAHA Fitness Mirror

VAHA Fitness Mirror in a home

A high-tech bit of kit, the VAHA has become a popular home workout aid for anyone interested in fitness - or fun smart gadgets.

It’s part-mirror, part-interactive-screen, which guides you through expert-led fitness classes lasting from five minutes all the way up to an hour. With both live and on-demand sessions available - plus the option to meet with your PT - you can choose from more than 1,000 personalised workouts and over 100 weekly live-streams. There are cardio, strength and barre classes, as well as Pilates and meditation sessions.

Whether you go for the smaller 32-inch mirror or the larger 43-inch version, you’ll get a strong metal stand to prop up your Vaha.

Backlit Bluetooth bathroom mirror

Backlit Illuminated Bluetooth Bathroom Mirror

Here’s another option if you’re after a smart mirror for the bathroom. This one comes with a digital screen displaying the date, time and temperature.

You’ll also get Bluetooth speakers, dimmable LED lights controlled with a touch-sensitive button, and a defogging system to keep the mirror clear when the room is steamy.

There’s also a shaver socket, complete with a waterproof cover to protect it from humidity and water splashes.

Multipurpose smart fan, ring light and mirror

AirLit Multipurpose Smart Fan, Ring Light and Mirror

Here’s something a little different: a rechargeable fan, ring light and mirror all rolled into one. The reflective plate is magnetic, so you can easily remove it when you want to use the fan behind.

There’s also an integrated phone holder, which is ideal for vlogging or live-streaming in front of the ring light. Plus, you can extend the telescopic stand to take the mirror from a height of 44cm up to 1m.

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Use the brand’s app or a voice assistant to choose between four fan speeds and three light modes: warm, neutral and cool white. You can also rotate the head by 270° to get the perfect angle.

Proofvision 27” Bathroom Smart TV

Proofvision 27Inch Premium Bathroom Smart tv

Many of us enjoy watching our favourite television shows on our phone or tablet when we’re in the bath, so why not upgrade your viewing experience with this waterproof TV mirror?

It looks like any standard mirror when switched off, but turn it on and you’ll get Freeview HD channels and smart TV apps like Netflix and BBC iPlayer. Plus, there are integrated vibration speakers for high-quality audio.

You could install this TV mirror wherever you like, but as the casing is IP65 waterproof it’s perfect for catching up on the latest shows in your bathroom.

This 27-inch smart mirror also comes as a 24-inch and a 19-inch version, as well as in black and white.

Round LED bathroom mirror

FOMAYKO 80CM Round LED Bathroom Mirror in a bathroom

This luxurious bathroom smart mirror has an elegant spherical shape and sits close to the wall, thanks to the slimline design.

Like many of the best smart mirrors, this model comes with LEDs around the edge, which gives you extra light for applying make-up and shaving. You’ll have three different colour options: warm white, neutral white and daylight.

Use the two touch-sensitive buttons at the bottom of the mirror to easily dim the light and turn on the heating pad to de-fog it after a shower.

This smart mirror is available in a selection of different styles, and you can add the brand’s detachable belt to hang it up from a hook.

Make-up mirror with light

Makeup Mirror With Light next to box and cables

At just 22cm tall and 9.5cm across, this is the smallest smart mirror on our list, so it would fit in a backpack or travel bag.

Unlike some other portable mirrors out there, this one has a sleek, white design, and should look smart on your desk or dressing table.

As you’d expect, it comes with an LED light strip around the mirror and you can adjust the brightness using the touch-sensitive slider on the base. Just tap it once to turn on the LEDs and press slowly to turn them off.

The mirror is double-sided, and you can get x10 magnification on the rear side. Another useful feature is the 360° swivel function, allowing you to get the perfect viewing angle.

After charging your smart mirror, you’ll get up to 17 hours of light - and it’ll turn off automatically after half an hour.

Backlit Illuminated Bluetooth Bathroom Mirror

Backlit Illuminated Bluetooth Bathroom Mirror

This smart mirror sets itself apart from others on the market as it has a nightlight. The button glows blue when the mirror is off, allowing you to easily see it in the dark.

As well as LEDs, the mirror has a two-pin shaver socket - ideal for charging electric toothbrushes - and a demister pad, which turns on automatically when you activate the lights.

You’ll also be able to listen to your favourite music and podcasts while you’re in the bathroom, as there’s a Bluetooth speaker built in.

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