As Stranger Things’ latest season became Netflix’s most-watched English-language TV show ever, it’s fair to say the programme has gained a hefty number of fans. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to show your love for the smash hit sci-fi series, as more and more brands create themed merchandise and limited edition accessories to enjoy.


You might be surprised to discover some seriously unusual items below. These days, merch goes way beyond posters and graphic tees. You’ll find exciting collaborations and collectors items like Polaroid cameras, LPs and even make-up palettes on our list - all with a Stranger Things twist.

We’ve done all the hard work and rounded up the very best Stranger Things gifts you can buy online, whether you know a fan of the series or just fancy treating yourself.

45 of the best Stranger Things gifts to make fellow fans jealous

Our top picks

Stranger Things Polaroid OneStep 2

Stranger Things Polaroid OneStep 2 on a white background

The best Stranger Things gifts are the products you can use in your everyday life, like this instant camera. Inspired by Polaroid’s original One Step model released in 1977, it wouldn’t look out of place in the hands of your favourite Stranger Things characters living in 1980s Indiana.

What makes this camera special is its branding - Polaroid turns things ‘Upside Down’, just like the TV show. It also adopts the recurring blue and red colours found in the Stranger Things universe.

The self-timer, built-in flash and rechargeable 60-day battery all make it easy to capture memorable moments.

Timex x Stranger Things stainless steel wristwatch

Timex x Stranger Things Stainless Steel Wristwatch on a white background

The high-quality watch maker Timex has created this retro design in celebration of Stranger Things. You’ll get a metal bracelet with a themed watch frame and the logo etched onto the underside - but there’s more to this timepiece than meets the eye.

You can play the show’s theme tune on demand or set it as your alarm. At 3:00, the Upside Down’s alternate dimension appears eerily on the screen for 20 seconds. Plus, you can uncover a hidden Stranger Things logo by turning on the INDIGLO night light.

As for the watch’s features, there’s a day, date and month display alongside the time, and a digital chronograph, which measures to an accuracy of 1/100th of a second.

MAC Cosmetics The Void Eye Palette

MAC Cosmetics The Void Eye Palette on a white background

This fun eye shadow palette is one of the most unexpected collaborations to come out of Stranger Things, and is perfect for anyone who likes experimenting with make-up.

Reach for this clever MAC set whether you want to create a terrifying look for your next costume party or just add a bit of colour to your everyday make-up.

Each shade is inspired by a different element of the Upside Down, like the smokey taupe ‘Demogorgon’, the cool navy ‘Creel House’ and the punchy ‘Code Red’. They all come neatly stored in limited edition Stranger-Things-themed packaging.

You can also buy Stranger Things lip gloss, blusher and make-up brushes from MAC.

Akedo x Stranger Things high-top trainers

Akedo x Stranger Things shoes on a white background

Licensed footwear aficionado Akedo has created high-tops with a nod to all our favourite geeky franchises, including Fantastic Beasts, Wonder Woman and Jurassic World. Now, it has released two pairs to mark the popularity of Stranger Things - specifically, the ‘rock-culture vibe’ of the latest series.

Choose between the punk-y Hellfire Club high-tops and the more laid-back Tigers design, celebrating Hawkins High School’s familiar sports mascot.

Akedo doesn’t compromise on quality either, and every single pair of the brand’s canvas shoes is made to order in its Manchester-based studio.

Steve The Babysitter t-shirt

Steve The Babysitter t-shirt on a white background

With his signature coiffure and amusing one-liners, everyone loves Steve - or, to give him his unofficial title, The Babysitter.

If you know a fellow Steve supporter, this officially licensed Stranger Things merchandise could make the perfect gift.

Choose between the black, navy and dark heather t-shirt, all with Steve, his iconic weapon of choice and nickname emblazoned on the front. There are sizes for both men and women.

For similar designs, take a look at these t-shirts showing Eddie Munson, Vecna and Dart.

More Stranger Things gifts

Limited Edition Stranger Things 4 Red Vinyl LP

Buy now from HMV (£34.99), eBay (£51.99)

Limited Edition Stranger Things 4 Red Vinyl LP on a white background

This limited edition LP is a treat for the eyes and the ears. Enjoy all the best tracks from Stranger Things Season Four, including Dead or Alive’s You Spin Me Round, The Beach Boys’ California Dreamin’ and, of course, Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill.

Demogorgon plush toy

Demogorgon Plush Toy on a white background

Thankfully, this squishy demogorgon isn’t as terrifying as the ones depicted in the TV show. It’s just 30cm tall and comes with soft face flaps, which you can bend open and shut.

Stranger Things Season 4 signed A4 poster

Stranger Things Season 4 signed A4 poster on a white background

Signed posters always make exciting gifts, and this is one of the best on sale for Stranger Things fans. The colourful print includes autographs from all the major cast members and you can buy it in A4 and A3, and with a smart black frame.

Hawkins School clothing

A selection of Stranger Things clothing on a white background

Whether you see yourself as a Hawkins High School basketball player or a supporter cheering them on from the sidelines, you’re well catered for when it comes to branded items. You can find everything from team vests to beach towels displaying the team’s green and orange branding.

Eleven Funko POP

Eleven Funko POP figure on a white background

Calling all Funko POP collectors! There’s now a Stranger Things range, bringing the figures right up to date with their Season Four outfits and accessories. This miniature Eleven has to be one of our favourites.

Scoops Ahoy t-shirt

Man wearing Scoops Ahoy ice cream parlour t-shirt on a white background

Venturing outside in Robin or Steve’s full Scoops Ahoy uniform might earn you some raised eyebrows - but this themed t-shirt is a fun nod to the show’s ice cream parlour. It comes in 12 different colours.

Stranger Things duvet cover

Stranger Things duvet cover on a white background

The scariest moments of Stranger Things have some of us cowering under our duvets, so why not complete the look with this reversible cover?

Stranger Things Dallas STease 80s bag

Stranger Things Dallas STease 80s bag on a white background

You can keep your walkie-talkie and spare Eggos safe and sound in this tidy bag. It features a colourful retro print underneath black demogorgon illustrations and it’s finished with Eastpak’s old-style branding and the Stranger Things logo.

Alternatively, keep things simple with the plain black version, which references the show with its red logo - upside down, of course.

Stranger Things character line-up t-shirt

Stranger Things character line-up t-shirt on a white background

Donning a line-up tee like this is a quirky way to show your love for your favourite TV programme, and will earn you amused nods from those in the know. This one shakes things up by turning Will upside down.

More like this

Stranger Things: The Other Side graphic novel

Stranger Things The Other Side Graphic Novel on a white background

The fun doesn’t end with the final episode of Stranger Things; there’s a whole host of graphic novels to enjoy. This one tracks Will’s journey through the Upside Down in Season One, but you can also buy three standalone stories focussing on smaller characters like Erica and the bullies.

Hellfire Club baseball sleeve tee

Hellfire Club baseball sleeve tee on a white background

This t-shirt is sure to go down well with anyone who’s ever wished they could join Hellfire Club. It’s a copy of the one worn by Mike, Dustin and Eddie in the show and features the society’s spine-chilling emblem.

Stranger Things 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle

Stranger Things 1,000-piece puzzle and box on a white background

Keen puzzlers will love these 1,000-piece jigsaws featuring scenes from the show. Stick with the design created for the original first series or keep up to date with one of the later editions.

Stranger Things official colouring book

Stranger Things official colouring book on a white background

Gone are the days when colouring was just for children. Buy this book for any dedicated Stranger Things fan, young or old, or keep it for yourself for moments when you need a bit of down time.

Stranger Things smart watch bands

Stranger Things smartwatch bands on a white background

Swapping your standard smart watch strap for a themed design is a subtle way to show your love for a TV series. Owners of IOS watches can even download Stranger Things faces to match.

Stranger Things gadget decals

Stranger Things gadget decals on laptop and phone

Decals make simple and affordable gifts, and provide the opportunity for the recipient to get creative. This set comes with four sheets of reusable, waterproof stickers featuring a range of recognisable icons from the show.

Hawkins Police badge t-shirt

Hawkins Police badge t-shirt on a white background

Hopper fans will love this t-shirt with its Hawkins Police badge and lettering on the back. Wear this and you’ll feel like you’re part of the department keeping the town in check.

Welcome To The Upside Down entrance mat

Welcome To The Upside Down entrance mat

Give guests advance warning when they visit your pad with this sharp doormat. Featuring the show’s famous red and black lettering, it’ll leave visitors in no doubt as to which home is yours.

Cassette-style cross-body bag

Cassette-style crossbody bag on a red table

Taking us all the way back to Season One of Stranger Things, this neat cross-body bag comes in the form of Jonathan’s mix tape for Will. It’ll look great teamed with a pair of noise-cancelling headphones for listening to The Clash.

Hawkins Police mug

Hawkins Police mug on a white background

Another one for Hopper devotees, this mug comes straight from Hawkins Police Dept. Swig your coffee from this before cracking on with the day’s cases.

Stranger Things Upside Down desk clock

Stranger Things Upside Down desk clock on a white background

This eye-catching clock features a clever two-part design, with the gang cycling in the upper half while the Mind Flayer lurks in the Upside Down below. Look closer and you’ll notice the numbers are all inverted too.

Upside Down t-shirt

Upside Down t-shirt on a white background

This creative tee takes a more sympathetic view of the monsters in the Upside Down, with cute illustrations depicting Hawkins’ nemeses in all their… err, ‘glorious’ forms.

Lucas on the Line novel

Lucas on the Line novel on a white background

Lucas fans, gather round! This story picks up at the end of Season Three and gives him the chance to tell his own version of events as he begins to grow apart from the main group.

Stranger Things demogorgon costume

Man wearing Stranger Things demogorgon costume on a white background

OK - this may not become the most-worn item in your wardrobe (unless you’re admirably care-free), but it’ll certainly put you in the running for the best-dressed prize at costume parties. Grab some other Stranger Things fancy dress outfits for friends if you’re going with fellow fans of the series.

Stranger Things CosCups

Stranger Things CosCups in a kitchen

As Hopper says, mornings are for coffee and contemplation, so why not upgrade your daily brew with one of these charming CosCups? You could even start a collection by ordering a few.

There’s More To Life Than Stupid Boys t-shirt

There’s More To Life Than Stupid Boys T-Shirt on a white background

This officially licensed t-shirt celebrates one of Max’s most famous lines - and profound pieces of wisdom. Buy it for men or women in black, navy, or light or dark grey.

Stranger Things logo desk light

Stranger Things logo desk light in a dark room

Why plump for a poster when you can have an atmospheric desk light? This Stranger Things lamp would look just as edgy on a desk or shelves as it would as part of a gaming set-up.

Hellfire Club metal water bottle

Hellfire Club metal water bottle on a white background

You know you deserve to be first in line to join Hellfire Club when you have the branded water bottle. This one holds 500ml of your favourite drink and will keep it hot or cold… whether you’re out battling the Mind Flayer or just at home playing D&D.

Stranger Things Flea On A Tightrope t-shirt

Stranger Things Flea On A Tightrope t-shirt on a white background

Way back in Season One, Mr Clarke uses the flea and the acrobat analogy to explain the possibility of alternate dimensions. True fans will understand the reference on this quirky tee.

Stranger Things VHS logo light

Stranger Things VHS logo light in a dark room

With this nifty desk light, you can give your room a touch of the eighties. Turned on it’ll give the space an eerie glow; switched off you can see what it would’ve looked like if Stranger Things had come out on VHS.

Hellfire Club dice stress ball

Hellfire Club dice stress ball on a desk

Whether you’re prepping for exams, building up to a big presentation or just watching one of the scarier scenes in Stranger Things, this stress toy should come in handy. It’s shaped like a Dungeons & Dragons dice, complete with the Hellfire Club logo.

Stranger Things 2 maxi poster

Stranger Things 2 maxi poster

As far as Stranger Things posters go, this one is pretty striking. It’s roughly 90 x 60cm in size, so it should make a big impact in any room.

Stranger Things pencil set

Stranger Things pencil set on a white table

Featuring some of the TV show’s most famous lines, this pencil set provides a subtle way to celebrate the series. Why not store them in a Stranger Things pencil case to match?

Stranger Things Collector's Edition Monopoly

Stranger Things Collector's Edition Monopoly on a white background

Crack out this Stranger Things Monopoly set to shake up your games nights. Expect tunnels, glow-in-the-dark hideouts and Upside Down cards.

JanSport Hellfire Club backpack

JanSport Hellfire Club Backpack on a white background

The popular backpack brand JanSport has collaborated with Netflix to create this unique Stranger Things design. The manufacturer’s classic logo has been turned upside down and you’ll find the Hellfire Club badge on the front pocket - so you can pretend you’re a member yourself.

The best Stranger Things gift wrap and cards

Stranger Things wrapping paper

Stranger Things wrapping paper

Why stop with a Stranger Things gift? Fans of the show will appreciate your extra effort if you deliver their present in this quirky wrapping paper.

Stranger Things birthday card

Stranger Things birthday card on a white background

Joyce Byers’ extremely well-lit house is one of the enduring images of Season One. So, this witty card should put a smile on the face of any fan, whether they’re new to the series or completely up to date.

Stranger Things birthday card

Stranger Things birthday card on a table

Thanks to Stranger Things Season Four, Kate Bush has become the oldest female artist to reach Number One in the charts, 37 years after Running Up That Hill was first released in 1985. This card references one of Stranger Things’ most dramatic moments ever, and is perfect for anyone of a certain age.


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