For any amateur builders out there, Meccano sets offer a fun, interactive way to assemble some exciting models. From race cars, to construction sets, to mechanical dinosaurs - Meccano have a range of sets that can ignite a creative spark.


The sets are designed to promote passion for engineering, science and tech, with the sets offering a chance to explore these fields practically. Whether it's for a young and keen learner or an older fanatic, we found the best Meccano sets available. If you're looking for more challenging builds, why not check out our roundup of the best Lego Technic sets?

Best Meccano building sets

Meccano 5-in-1 Street Fighter Bike (ages 10+)

Meccano St Fighter Bike

The Meccano 5-in-1 set is a construction set for five models. With this car and motorbike set, you can build up to five different vehicles. The models can be assembled one at a time using the two tools, wheels, bolts and 132 pieces.

Three vehicles can be made using the instructions or, using creativity and imagination, you can create your own models. From street fighter bike to 4-wheeled racers, this set is a fun activity for kids interested in science and engineering. The assembled models would also look great as a display piece!

Meccano 25-in-1 Motorized Supercar (ages 10+)

Meccano Motorized Supercar

This impressive Meccano set allows you to, one at a time, create up to 25 different motorised models. With a 6V motor that provides adjustable speeds, the assembled cars can come to life.

The set has 347 pieces which can create various vehicles, from sleek supercars to rally racing cars. The box also incudes LED light strips to really customise whatever vehicle's being made. And to make the cars look realistic, the LED piping can be used as rear lights and hood lights. For kids with other motorised cars, these can make a great addition for their racing collection.

More like this

Meccano Robot Building Kit (ages 8+)

Meccano Robot Building Kit

The orange Magna robot is one of Meccano's Micronoid series of buildable robots. The 127-piece set creates an interactive, battery-powered robot that can be programmed into DJ mode, robot fighting mode or 8-ball mode.

Magna even comes with a USB cable to connect to your computer where you can program how it moves and what it says, so it'll be fun for anyone with an interest in engineering, science or tech.

Meccano 10-in-1 Rally Racer Model (ages 8+)

Erector by Meccano

For amateur builders aged 8+, this rally racer set is an exciting chance to use the tools provided to construct their very own race car. With 159 parts and two real tools, the set can make up to 10 different vehicles, so kids can get creative to customise their model.

It also comes with a Meccablock motor, so the car can be powered to race alongside others.

Meccano Super Construction Set (ages 10+)

Meccano Super Construction Set

All around the theme of construction, this Meccano set can create up to 25 different models. The set includes a massive 638 metal pieces inside a handy carry case.

From helicopters to trains, this set covers all bases for children looking to venture into their building skills while the huge variety of models available can encourage creativity.

Meccano 10-in-1 Dinosaur Set (ages 8+)

Meccano 10-in-1 Dinosaur Set

Mechanical dinosaurs might sound like something out of science fiction, but this Meccano set allows kids to construct their own. The set can create up to 10 different dinosaur models from the T. rex to the triceratops. It even includes an articulating spine joint and lenticular eyes to add to their effect.

Meccano 5-in-1 Model Set (ages 8+)

Meccano 5 Piece Model Set

Give a young car fanatic an exciting build with this 5-in-1 set. The Meccano Roadster features five flashy cars that can be customised as a display piece. Once the car is built, the pull-back mechanism races it forward for a fun, interactive experience too.

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