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UGREEN Bluetooth Adapter on white background

Best Nintendo Switch gaming accessories

Published: 21st July, 2021 at 15:39

Whether you're playing with friends, gaming solo, or on the move, we've rounded up some of the best accessories to boost your Switch experience.

Following the launch of the exciting new Nintendo Switch OLED, we thought we'd bring you a list of accessories to improve your Switch gaming experience.

The Nintendo Switch remains one of the most versatile consoles on the market, functioning as both a stationary device and a portable gaming machine, with controllers that can be detached and used in a variety of ways. This gives plenty of scope for accessories that can make the gaming experience even more varied. 


If you're looking to enhance your solo play, bring friends into the game, or protect your Switch from damage on the go, we’ve rounded up some of the best accessories that should help take your gaming to the next level.

Ring Fit Adventure

Nintendo Switch Ring Fit Adventure

While playing games can get your blood pumping, it’s not the most physical of activities, but thanks to the Ring Fit Adventure you can turn your game time into a full-on workout. Simply attach one Joy-Con to your leg with the included strap, and fit the other inside the handheld Ring-Con, and you’ll be able to physically produce in-game movements such as jogging, sprinting and jumping. 

Not just a healthy gimmick, it can create a more immersive gaming experience as you move through the single-player campaign, or even compete with friends across 12 mini-games.

  • £56.99

Screen Protector

Nintendo Switch Screen Protector on white background

As a portable console, the Switch can be prone to scratches as it’s stuffed into luggage or goes through general wear and tear as you game on the go. It’s well worth investing in a screen protector to keep the image sharp and the device clean. 

Designed with visibility in mind, this screen protector keeps damage away without compromising on the HD quality thanks to it’s high transparency, which also keeps the touchscreen sensitivity intact. Made with ultra-thin tempered glass it’s easy to install without creating extra issues like bubbles or fingerprints. Just follow the instructions carefully, and make use of the cleaning cloth and dust-remover included.

  • £4.85

Joy-Con Wheel Accessory

NINTENDO Joy-Con Wheel Accessory on white background
Currys PC World

Mario Kart has long been a staple of Nintendo, and with the Joy-Con wheel accessory you can really feel like you’re Princess Peach in the driver’s seat. Designed for a smoother driving experience and more immersive gameplay, the two wheels provided would be an ideal addition to a Nintendo party.

In the spirit of Nintendo Switch, they are portable enough to carry easily if the party is elsewhere, but also work just as well alone if you’re playing online or in single-player mode.

Buy the Joy-Con wheel accessory now from Currys PC World

  • £11.99

Orzly Carry Case Compatible With Nintendo Switch

Orzly Carry Case on white background

As you invest in more accessories for the portable console it’s important to ensure you don’t lose track of the smaller pieces while on the move. This is where the Orzly Carry Case comes in. Perfect for keeping everything in one place, it holds the switch, the Joy-Cons, has ample cable space and plenty of slots for games.

The compact case is made from durable EVA material, while the inside is lined with soft material to keep your Switch and accessories free from scratches.

  • £9.99

SanDisk 1TB Ultra MicroSDXC UHS-I Memory Card

SanDisk extreme 1TB Memory Card on white background

If you’re a frequent user of the Nintendo Switch you’ll know how easy it is to burn through the 32GB of internal storage, and are likely on the lookout to expand your memory space. 

While the 256GB may be ideal for many gamers, if you’re looking for the maximum amount of memory currently available in one card for the Switch, you may want to consider investing in 1TB, which should see you through all the games in your current collection, and well beyond.

  • £229

8Bitdo Arcade Stick for Nintendo Switch

8Bitdo Arcade Stick on white background

For a modern gamer with an appreciation for the retro aesthetic, the 8Bitdo Arcade Stick is a nice throwback to simpler times, but can now be used to navigate through the latest games on the Nintendo Switch.

With options to connect to the device through Bluetooth or wire (included) the arcade stick is ultra-moddable, allowing you to swap out the joystick and arcade buttons to create a bespoke design that takes you right back to the classics.

  • £73.27

Nintendo Switch Game Card Holder

Nintendo Switch Game Card Holder

Due to the handheld size of the Switch, the small game cards themselves can be difficult to keep track of on the go, and are at risk of being completely lost or left behind. A neat solution to this is the Switch Game card holder, available in a variety of Mario-inspired designs. 

Capable of holding up to 16 games at once while only being 6cm, it’s handy for transporting alongside the Switch, or simply as a way of organising your games at home.

  • £10.53

Pro Controller

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller on white background

The pro controller is designed for those moments when you want to take your gaming a bit more seriously. With all the functionality and buttons from a Joy-Con, it has a traditional, ergonomic control pad shape, ideal for quick and competitive play. 

You’ll have access to the amiibo functionality and HD rumble as usual, with the added perk of premium grips and high-quality controls.

  • £49.99

Car Headrest Mount

Ninitendo Switch Car Mount

The Switch can be the perfect accessory for car trips, whether you’re a passenger and want to keep yourself entertained, or to keep the kids distracted on long journeys. The perfect accessory for this is the Switch headrest which firmly positions the console in front of you, leaving your hands free for the controllers. 

The straps that attach the Switch to the headrest allow for complete access to all buttons and don’t undermine the gameplay by obscuring the screen. A silicon net protects the edges of the Switch from any damage or scratches.

  • £17.90

 PowerA Charging Station for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controllers

PowerA Charging Station for Nintendo Switch Joy Con Controllers on white background

Never be let down by a flat battery again with this PowerA charging station that can boost up to four Joy-Con controllers simultaneously. With a weighted base to prevent them toppling over, it has an easy slide-in design so you can pop the controller in without any hassle. 

Whether you’re preparing for a multiplayer session or just want to have a back-up pair charged and ready, this station will make sure you’re never sitting around wasting precious gaming time.

  • £14.89

Elite Player Backpack

Elite Player Backpack - Nintendo Switch

The Elite Player backpack is officially licenced by Nintendo and has plenty of room for your console and all of its accessories, keeping them organised and well protected. Alongside ample storage for the Switch there are also additional pockets for the controller, AC adapter, your collection of games, and a small laptop, as well as a little extra room for anything else you may need.

Easy to carry thanks to the padded straps, it’s a durable backpack that will keep your items safely stored while on the move. 

  • £29.99

Portable Nintendo Switch TV Docking Station

Genki Covert Dock on white background

Connecting the Nintendo Switch to a TV has never been easier, thanks to the portable TV docking station which can be packed alongside the console when visiting friends. 

The pocket-sized dock will help you connect to any TV wherever you want to stream your Switch. It also doubles up as a charging port so you can keep the show running.

  • £84.99

Bluetooth Adapter

UGREEN Bluetooth Adapter on white background

A quick and easy way to add Bluetooth to your device, this adapter fits comfortably in the Switch and opens you up to wireless gaming. Whether you want to introduce multiple sets of wireless headphones, or channel the audio through a speaker, this adapter helps you share the Switch experience with others.

Fully charged in two hours, it will provide eight hours of playtime, so you can make the most of your gaming experience.

  • £25.99

PDP LVL40 Wired Stereo Headset

PDP LVL40 Wired Stereo Headset on white background

Built for long gaming sessions, this headset is lightweight and breathable and will see you through some serious gameplay. The attached mic is bi-directional and noise-cancelling for clear communication, with the option of a quick, flick-to-mute feature, so you can only be heard when you want to be. 

Officially licenced by Nintendo, you’ll be able to stay on top of the action and fully aware of your surroundings (in the game at least) thanks to the 40mm audio drivers, and the volume and mute buttons easily accessible on the ear, which means you’ll never have to avert your eyes mid-game. 

  • £24.99

Shooting Gun for Nintendo Switch

Shooting Gun for Nintendo Switch on white background

A fun addition for the first-person shooter, this should make the gaming experience a little more immersive. Specifically designed for the Nintendo Switch and made from high quality ABS material, you can battle your way through Splatoon 2 or any other Switch shooting game, with an improved grip. Simply fit your Joy-Cons into the mould and you’re ready to shoot ‘em up.

  • £21.99


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