Samantha Alger: What can we do to save the bees? © Alex Burnham

Samantha Alger: What can we do to save the bees?

Pollinator specialist from the University of Vermont Samantha Alger explains the threats facing our bees, and why that’s a problem for us.

We all appreciate the buzz of the humble bee in the garden, however, not a summer goes past without hearing news that our bee population is under threat, with the finger usually pointing at habitat loss or chemicals containing neonicotinoids.


But in reality, there are a whole host of reasons why our vital bee population is in decline.

And given they provide pollination services for every one in three bites of the food we eat, their survival is critical to our very way of life.

In this episode of the Science Focus Podcast, University of Vermont environmental scientist and pollination specialist Samantha Alger talks about her work uncovering the secret life of bees, what is causing the decline in bee numbers, and what we can do so save them.

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