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There is no Plan B for planet Earth - Lord Martin Rees © Lucinda Douglas-Menzies/Photo Researchers

There is no Plan B for planet Earth – Lord Martin Rees

Published: 22nd November, 2018 at 00:00
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Astronomer Royal Lord Martin Rees explains how unless we make significant changes now, the prospects for the human species are beginning to look bleak.

People in middles ages rarely thought about life beyond the next generation, yet they still built beautiful cathedrals that took hundreds of years to complete. In the 21st Century, we know that life on Earth will continue long into the future, but what is this future we're building for the generations ahead of us?


Should we work on technologies that will one day create a permanent human base on Mars, or should we concentrate on climate change here on Earth? What does a future governed by artificial intelligence mean for our livelihoods?

These are the big questions facing our species, and indeed all the other inhabitants of planet Earth, which Astronomer Royal Lord Martin Rees begins to answer in his new book On The Future: Prospects For Humanity (£14.99, Princeton University Press).

In this Science Focus Podcast he talks to editor Alexander McNamara about taxing robots, terraforming mars, and tackling climate change.

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