What NASA's InSight will tell us about Mars - Bruce Banerdt © NASA/JPL-Caltech

Bruce Banerdt: What NASA’s InSight will tell us about Mars

By drilling into the surface of Mars, NASA's InSight mission could help us discover more about the structure of the Red Planet, and maybe help us understand the formation of other planets.

Despite the success of missions such as Opportunity and Curiosity in exploring the surface of Mars, we still know relatively little about what is going on beneath the surface of the Red Planet. NASA’s Insight mission, which is scheduled to land on the Martian surface on 26 November, is hoping to change all of this.


BBC Focus commissioning editor Jason Goodyer spoke to Bruce Banerdt, principal investigator at the InSight mission, about the project’s history, its objectives, the technology it will be using, and what studying the internal structure of Mars can teach us about the formation of planets in general.


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