If you're struggling to entertain a group of bored kids on a rainy day, cracking open a K'NEX kit is bound to go down a treat. The brightly coloured interlocking pieces let you build creative, and often elaborate, models. The individual cogs, wheels, rods and pieces found in K'NEX kits satisfyingly click together. Kids can build freely, or follow a specific model, so it's an easy way to keep children occupied for endless hours. Or of course nostalgic adults who fondly remember past creations can get stuck in too.


We've included a range of fun kits, from quirky modes of transport and googly eyed dinosaurs, to functioning six-foot Ferris wheels. You'll also find a couple of Kid K'NEX kits for younger children so everyone can get involved.

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The best K'NEX kits for 2022

Imagine 70 model building set (ages 7+)

K'NEX 70 model set

With 70 different models to create, including hot air balloons, boats and trucks, to more unique models such as a sandcastle, this K'NEX kit is sure to stretch young imaginations. It would be a great gift for kids who are big on their transport! There are 705 pieces altogether, so it's a worthwhile investment, especially if you're keen to distract kids from their various screens and encourage some good old fashioned building block play.

With the addition of colour-coded rods, it's a solid choice for children who enjoy problem solving. If you know of a budding engineer looking for a new project, this kit could do the job nicely!

Kid K'NEX budding builders building set (ages 3+)

Kid K'NEX Budding Builders Building Set

This K'NEX kit is ideal for young builders, as it's designed for kids over the age of three. It's part of the Kid K'NEX range, so it's a perfect choice for pre-school youngsters, as the designs are less complex and the pieces are more manageable for little hands to handle.

There are 100 pieces altogether, so children can spend hours trying out new designs. If you'd prefer a bit more guidance, there's a step-by-step guide with 50 design ideas so kids can use this kit again and again without getting bored. There are flappy ears, curly tails, bendable joints and spinning propellers to play around with, so it's a charming and engaging set!

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6-Foot Ferris Wheel Building Set (ages 9+)

Ferris wheel K'NEX building set

If you're looking to progress your building skills and take your creations to a higher level, quite literally, K'NEX have designed a six-foot (1.8m) Ferris wheel model. The kit contains 8,550 pieces, and there's a plug in motor so you can get your wheel up and running! It comes with a colour coded instruction manual, and you'll need two AA batteries.

As the most complex and extravagant design on our list, you don't even need the excuse of having kids to purchase this beast.

Education Makers Kit (ages 6+)

Large K'NEX Kit

This K'NEX kit is a great group play choice. So if you've got a large family, or you're hosting a kids' party, there are loads of connectors and rods to go round.

It comes in a convenient storage case, so you can pack it away with ease when it's not in use. This makes it a nice gift option too! There are 863 pieces in total, and 100 building ideas. This makes it an especially creative choice, ideal for those with a crafty imagination. From dinosaurs and helicopters to large spaceship-style aircrafts, this kit suits a range of interests.

Roller coaster building set (ages 7+)

K'NEX roller coaster set

Another top K'NEX kit for enthusiastic engineers, this set lets you build a functioning roller coaster, loop-the-loops and all. Once you've built your track, the creation stands at 2.6 feet (79cm) tall. You can make use of the motorised chain lift that makes the coaster car zip around the roller coaster track.

You'll need a couple of AA batteries to get your roller coaster going, and perhaps some time too as it's an ambitious choice with 448 parts.

  • £32

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Beasts Alive K'Nexosaurus Rex building set (ages 7+)

Dinosaur K'NEX kit

If you're looking for a K'NEX kit that comes to life, this stomping dinosaur could be up your street. There are two different models to build, making it a top choice for kids who prefer to follow instructions rather than build their own designs.

The set includes 255 pieces, and once built, you can activate the battery powered motor with a switch and watch your new pet swish its tail, shake its head and walk around.

Kid K'NEX Dino Dudes building set (ages 3+)

Dinosaur Kid K'NEX kit

For a calmer option, this Dino Dudes K'NEX kit is a vibrant set well-suited to young dinosaur fanatics. The parts are larger, softer and chunkier in comparison to the classic pieces found in more complicated kits. So if your little ones are missing out, you can get them their very own special set.

There are 30 construction ideas in this dinosaur themed kit and 100 pieces. The designs feature bright colours and googly eyes so they should be a fun addition to a child's play box.



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