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7 Tamiya models to add to your collection

Published: 28th March, 2022 at 18:00
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Find more Tamiya models for your collection with our round-up of the best ones available online.

Tamiya has been manufacturing models since 1948, when it began creating wooden kits for educational purposes. Since then, its precise craft sets have become famous for their impressive quality and attention to detail; you can even make out the expressions on the wartime soldiers’ faces.


Thanks to their detailed finish, Tamiya models make fantastic collectors’ items and look great displayed on shelves. We’ve scoured the internet to find our favourites - take a look below. 

7 of the best Tamiya models you can buy online

Tamiya German Panther Medium Tank

Tamiya German Panther Medium Tank

This kit is part of a series of replicas of World War II and post-war vehicles, armour and figures. Tamiya pays homage to transport from all over the world, and this tank is a German Panther, thought to be one of the nation’s best during the Second World War.

Although this 1:35 scale model comes in lots of small pieces, it’s fairly simple to build; Tamiya advertises it as suitable for teenagers and adults. 

It’s worth noting you’ll need to buy the glue and paint separately, as they’re not included in the kit.

Tamiya LRDG with 7 Figures

Tamiya LRDG with 7 Figures

Using modified trucks like the one in this Tamiya kit, the British Long Range Desert Group (LRDG) carried out reconnaissance and raiding missions in North Africa during World War II. 

Alongside the model truck, this set comes with seven figures in varying poses, as well as accessories such as barrels, bags and guns. It’s suitable for anyone over the age of 10.

Tamiya German Hanomag Kit

Tamiya German Hanomag Kit

Modelled on armoured cars, the Hanomag was created in 1938 as a protective personnel carrier for the German Army. This Tamiya model recreates it at a scale of 1:35. 

The design includes an open-top rear and a working hatch at the back, so you can see the detailed additions inside. In the package you’ll also find five figures striking realistic poses. 

Simple to put together, this Tamiya kit is aimed at teenagers above the age of 14. 

Tamiya Yamaha Kit

Tamiya Yamaha YZF-R1 Kit

Now for something a little different. Not a World War II vehicle, but a 1990s Yamaha motorbike. When it was first created, the makers intended it to be the fastest existing vehicle on winding roads. 

This Tamiya model is an example of the brand’s impressive attention to detail. It’s even accurately replicated the motorbike’s four-cylinder engine, complete with cables and vinyl tubing.

You’ll also find metal detailing across the frame and swing bars for a realistic look. Plus, you can add the included single seat cowl and racing stand. 

Tamiya RC Neo Fighter Buggy

Tamiya- RC Neo Fighter Buggy

For extra fun, try this remote-controlled Neo Fighter Buggy. It takes inspiration from The Frog car, which became popular during the boom in radio-controlled toys during the 1980s. 

Built at a scale of 1:10, the buggy reaches 48.7cm in length. Thanks to its long yet lightweight body, it drives well on or off the road, so you can get adventurous once you’ve put it together.

As it’s designed to appeal to both seasoned and inexperienced Tamiya modellers, it’s fairly simple to construct and should stand up to fairly rough conditions once on the road. 

Tamiya Spitfire Mk.VIII

Tamiya Spitfire Mk.VIII

No Tamiya model collection would be complete without a Spitfire. There are several versions in the brand’s catalogue, but we’ve chosen the Mk.VIII, which flew over the Mediterranean and Pacific from 1943. 

It’s recreated here at a scale of 1:32, complete with moveable parts, a detailed cockpit and interchangeable elliptical and extended wingtips. Plus, the pack comes with the decals for three different aircraft, so you can choose the finish for your model. 

Tamiya US Navy PBR 31 Mk.II Patrol Pibber

Tamiya US Navy PBR 31 Mk.II Patrol Pibber

Able to be manufactured and deployed quickly, the Pibber was used as a US patrol boat in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War. In real life, it measures almost 32ft long and just under 12ft wide, but this model pays homage to the four-crew craft at a scale of 1:35.

Fittingly, you’ll find four lifelike figurines included in this Tamiya model kit, as well as a detailed cockpit and moveable turret and machine guns.

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