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The Star Wars Universe - coming to a Disneyland near you soon! © Disney Parks Via Getty Images

In an infinite universe (or a quantum world), does the world of Star Wars exist in a galaxy far, far away?

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Star Wars is closer than you think, you just have to go to Florida for it.

An infinite universe doesn’t guarantee every possible combination of atoms exists somewhere. The universe we can see could be a tile that’s endlessly repeated across an infinite bathroom floor, without any variation. Or it could be that the density of matter tapers off forever but never quite stops, so after a while it drops to just one proton every billion cubic light-years; the only region that is dense enough for stars and galaxies to exist is the middle part we live in.


If quantum physics allows parallel universes, and there are an infinite number of them, however, then it’s entirely possible that one of them contains the galaxy depicted in Star Wars. But again, it’s not inevitable. Imagine the roll of a die across infinite parallel universes. Every possible result will occur somewhere, including the die balancing on one of its edges. But you’ll never roll a seven. Some outcomes are just impossible.

The closest we'll probably ever get to seeing the Star Wars universe come to life is at Disneyland parks in Florida and California.

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