Gaia Vince: What part does culture play in our evolution? © Fine Art Images/Heritage Images/Getty Images

Gaia Vince: What part does culture play in our evolution?

Journalist and broadcaster Gaia Vince tells us how culture evolution played a big part in Homo sapiens dominance over the other hominins.

Some scientists now believe we are living in a new epoch, the age of invention and human influence on the world, called the Anthropocene.


In 2014, science journalist and broadcast Gaia Vince took readers on a journey through this new world in her award-winning book, Adventures in the Anthropocene. Documenting the startling impacts of human’s growth on Earth, Gaia opened eyes to the future that we have all but set in stone.

Her new book, Transcendence (£20, Allen Lane), looks instead to our past, and how humans have evolved as much through our culture as through our genes. How did Homo sapiens out-live our hominin relatives, and what made us so different from the other primates?

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