Charles Darwin (© Getty)
Charles Darwin © Getty

Ever since Charles Darwin first published On the Origin of Species, outlining his theory of evolution, scientists have been unlocking the mysteries of how life on Earth developed into the plants and animals that we know today. When life reproduces, small changes in their hereditary traits give new ways for their offspring to adapt to the world around them. Some are disastrous leading to extinction, but some can given the new organism a distinct advantage, giving us the phrase survival of the fittest

Is it time to drop Darwinism?

For centuries we have accepted Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, but in his new book COSMOSAPIENS, John Hands questions our understanding of how humans evolved.

Evolution: A Visual Record

In his new photo album, award-winning photographer Robert Clark explores the birds, plants and fossils that tell the story of evolution - here are some of the beautiful photos from the book. 

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