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Keyless Door Locks

The best keyless door locks for easy home security

Published: 29th June, 2022 at 09:55
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For smoother, easier and more secure access to you home.

With keyless, smart and alternative door locks becoming more common, there's a great deal of opportunity to find the one that's perfect for your home.


We previously shortlisted the best smart locks available. While this article focuses more on the keyless aspect than smart functionality, smart locks are still a proven method for keyless entry into your home and have been included in the list.

How to choose the right door lock for your home

Security is one of the most important factors but other features, like ease of use or multiple access options, might be more suited to the lifestyle of your home.

For front door locks, an option that provides a variety of entry methods can prove to be helpful over time. They can be more reliable, too, as battery-powered locks can run out of battery and you may need emergency access (however, most electric locks alert you when they're low on battery).

When you allow access to friends, family and visitors, it can be important to keep a tab on who can enter. A lock that has smartphone app compatibility is a good choice, as you'll have control over who has access.

Smartphone apps that offer remote entry can also be useful if you're often out of the house, as you can grant entry for deliveries, visitors and family members.

If you're after something simple, a lock with a straightforward keypad, or one that's activated using a key card or fob, might be all you need. They can be more affordable than other options, especially if you're unlikely to use the other features.

So, read on for our picks of the best keyless locks.

Best keyless door locks to buy in 2022

Kwikset 909 SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt

Kwikset 909 SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt

This compact door lock from Kwikset has been designed for ease of use. It features a one-touch locking mechanism, so you can leave the house quickly with the peace of mind that the front door is locked. You can also activate the option to have the door lock automatically after 30 seconds.

The electronic deadbolt lock can be unlocked using the backlit keypad, with the option of customising eight access codes - as well as a master code option. The lock can be installed with just a screwdriver where no hard wiring is necessary.

Yale Keyless Connected Chrome Lock

Yale Keyless Chrome

The Keyless Connected Chrome Lock from Yale can be activated using a number of different methods. You can enter an access code, use a key card or key tag, unlock with a remote fob or use the smartphone app for remote access.

The smartphone app is particularly helpful when letting in family members and visitors, or for delivery workers to safely drop off parcels when you're not in. The lock also has added security features like a built-in tamper alarm, encryption and incorrect pin code features.

Yale Conexis L1 Brass Lock

Yale Conexis L1 Brass Lock

Similarly to the Keyless Connected Chrome Lock, the Conexis L1 Brass Lock can be unlocked in a number of ways, including a key card, key tag, phone tag and smartphone app.

The Conexis L1 app has a nifty feature that allows you to send virtual keys to others, giving access to any friends or family you choose. It gives you full control to manage who can enter if you want to disable anybody's virtual access.

Ruveno Slim Smart Door Lock

Ruveno Slim Smart Door Lock

This slim and sleek door lock offers multiple keyless ways to access your home. Unlock your home via fingerprint scanner, smartphone app, passcode, card or remotely using the app. Fingerprint access is perhaps the most exciting feature here, and it's reassuring to know that there are alternative ways to enter for when your finger isn't clean or dry.

The door locks by twisting the handle upwards, and the lock is powered by four AAA batteries. There's an emergency USB charging port in case the battery dies, and the lock can be access using a key that works as a reliable backup, too.

FITNATE Smart Door Knob

FITNATE Smart Door Knob

If you're looking to keep your door's lock and handle in one place, this option from FITNATE is a door knob with an embedded keypad lock. The lock has some important features, like an alert when the lock is low battery, silent mode and a night light for late-night locking, and an automatic locking mechanism that can activate after 2.5 seconds.

This would work great for the front door, but also would be a good fit for bedrooms, office rooms, or other private rooms within a business.

Yale Linus Smart Lock

Yale Linus Smart Lock

The Linus Smart Lock has a lot of features. You unlock it via an app and with a Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge, you can monitor the activity of your door and see who has entered/left and when, as well as being able to grant access to visitors when necessary. There's even a feature that tells you if the door is closed or if it's been left ajar!

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