With their non-stop action and adrenaline-pumping visuals, racing games are a popular choice for those who enjoy a high octane gaming experience. And if you want to get the most out of your racing simulation, there’s nothing better than having the full cockpit set-up in your very own home.


We’ve rounded up some of the best racing wheels for real driving fanatics, so you can take your games to the next level.

Best racing wheels for driving games

Thrustmaster T-GT II (PC/PS4/PS5)

Thrustmaster T-GT II Racing Wheel with Set of 3 Pedals

Behind this racing accessory is 23,000 hours of research and development, which helped make it one of the best gaming steering wheels on the market today. It comes with ‘real-time drift curve calculation’ (T-DCC) technology, which means it's highly responsive, able to detect precise movements.

This wheel and pedal set is officially licensed for Gran Turismo and PlayStation 5, but you can also use it with a PC or PlayStation 4. As part of the package, you’ll get a sturdy wheel finished in leather, as well as 25 action buttons, four rotary selectors and one push button.

Logitech G920 (PC/Xbox) & Logitech G29 (PC/PlayStation)

Logitech G920 and G29 racing wheels and pedals

Another of the best steering wheels for games is this one from Logitech. At the checkout, you choose the model to match your preferred gaming console: the G920 for Xbox or the G29 for PlayStation. Both will work with PCs as well.

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Logitech emphasises the wheels’ standout features - and they do come with some impressive tech specs. You’ll get weighty, solid steel ball bearings, paddle shifters and floor pedals, as well as a hand-stitched leather-covered wheel.

Plus, the dual motor provides a high level of force feedback so you’ll be able to feel subtle vibrations while on the road. There's also a six-speed shifter with helical gearing for smooth changeovers.

Hori Apex (PC/PS3/PS4)

Hori Apex racing wheel and pedals

One of the best features of this Sony-licensed racing wheel is its adaptability. It has programmable buttons and adjustable pedals, which gives you the chance to alter the settings for your own preferences.

This wheel is also a practical option, as it clamps onto either a racing stand or your table or desk for a secure fit.

You can rest assured this is a robust piece of kit, thanks to its high-quality parts, which include full-size pedals and steel components. And, like all the best gaming steering wheels, it provides vibration feedback for an immersive experience.

Thrustmaster TSPC Racer Ferrari 488 Challenge (PC)

THRUSTMASTER TSPC Racer Ferrari 488 Challenge Edition Racing Wheel

As a 9:10 scale replica of the wheel on the Ferrari 488 Challenge, this racing accessory celebrates the iconic brand’s 70th anniversary. It’s even finished with the same hand-stitched material used in the original car.

But this racing wheel is more than a clever imitation; it comes with 25 programmable functions and 15 LED lights to display your RPM. Plus, you’ll get a brushless motor, two rotary switches and eight action buttons. And you can turn the wheel by up to 1080°.

HORI Mario Kart Pro Deluxe (Nintendo Switch)

HORI Mario kart Racing Wheel Pro Deluxe for Nintendo Switch

Calling all Mario Kart fans - if you’ve got a Nintendo Switch, this racing wheel is a must. With its fun red and black design, it’ll add a pop of colour to any gaming station - but it also comes with great features to create a realistic racing experience. There are paddles, pedals and plenty of on-wheel controls. And although it celebrates Mario Kart, you can use it across a range of different racing titles.

For younger Mario Kart fans, you can’t go wrong with the mini version of this gaming wheel, which comes with simple controls and its own set of foot pedals.

Logitech G923 TrueForce (PC/PS4/PS5)

Logitech G923 TRUEFORCE Gaming Steering Wheel

Made with brushed aluminium and wrapped in real leather, this Logitech accessory brings the quality we expect in all the best racing wheels. It comes with steel paddle shifters and a 24-point menu selection dial, as well as a progressive brake pedal for precise movements.

Other handy features include a tabletop clamp to keep the wheel in place while you play, and colourful LED lights to display your RPM.

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