It’s easy to rely on your trusty smartphone for a morning wake-up call, but having a proper alarm clock on your bedside table will help you get your day off to the right start. The best models offer a range of different functions, including digital radio, sunrise lamps and phone charging stations - and they come in some seriously sleek designs too.


In short, you can make your life a little easier with just one multifunctional gadget, which will keep your bedside table clutter free. Here are some of the best radio alarm clocks you can find online today.

The best radio alarm clocks to upgrade your morning routine

Roberts Revival Digital Radio with Bluetooth

Roberts Revival radios on a white background

Famous for their quirky retro styling, Roberts radios are favoured by discerning customers up and down the country - including the royal family.

These ‘Revival’ models are designed to look like standard 1950s radios, but hide a useful dual alarm, snooze button and sleep timer, which you can control using the top panel.

Wake up to a buzzer or your favourite radio show, and create up to 10 presets to save time skipping between stations. You can even stream your own choice of music through the speaker using its handy Bluetooth connection.

Bedside Alarm Clock & FM Radio

Alarm Clock Bedside FM Radio on a white background

Offering multiple functions in one neat package, this little gadget does enough to earn a spot on your bedside table. It’s a radio and Bluetooth speaker with a built-in dual alarm clock and wireless phone-charging dock.

At the back, there’s a useful nightlight with six colour options, and you can turn on white noise to help you get to sleep.

The angled ledge at the front is perfect for watching films or making video calls while your phone charges, and you can top up another device using the integrated USB port at the back.

As an added bonus, you can insert two AA batteries to keep your alarm clock going if there’s a power cut overnight.

For similar radio alarm clocks with sleek, contemporary styling, take a look at I-Box’s MiniGlow and Dawn models.

John Lewis Arietta Radio

John Lewis Arietta Radios on a white background

This smart radio combines boxy, modern aesthetics with a sleek wood finish. There’s a button dial at the top, while the front is reserved for a neat digital screen and circular speaker. Either turn on the radio, stream music through a Bluetooth-enabled device or connect to a wired appliance with the aux-in port.

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As for alarms, you can choose between a buzzer or your favourite DAB or FM radio station. Store up to 10 presets for quick navigation.

Plus, there’s a handy sleep function, which automatically puts the radio on standby after a set time period.

John Lewis ANYDAY Spectrum Clock Radio

John Lewis ANYDAY Spectrum Clock Radio on a white background

Designed with a low profile and top-mounted buttons, this fun radio alarm clock updates a retro design with a colourful pop of teal and a tactile soft-touch finish.

You can adjust the brightness of the display from day to night, and set two independent alarms with the radio or a buzzer.

To access your favourite stations quickly, you can save four presets, and if you want to keep noise to a minimum just plug in your headphones. The sleep function will stop your music playing all night after you’ve nodded off.

VQ Retro Mini DAB Radio

Vq Retro Mini Dab Radio on a white background

Able to switch between mains and battery power, and stream music via Bluetooth, this is one of the best radio alarm clocks to buy if you want a portable speaker. It even comes with a handy carry strap to take it on the move.

Impressively, this little gadget can store up to 60 preset stations across digital and FM, so you’re unlikely to run out of space for your favourite shows.

It comes in an impressive number of colours, as well as some Emma Bridgewater patterns. Check out the grey, walnut and red designs at Robert Dyas, or see the full selection on Amazon.

Lumie Bodyclock Shine 300 Lamp

Lumie Bodyclock Shine 300 Lamp on a white background

If you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or just struggle to pull yourself out of bed in the morning (who doesn’t?), one of these sunrise alarm clocks could help. It’ll slowly illuminate your room before your alarm sounds, giving your body the chance to wake up naturally.

Set the duration of your realistic ‘sunrise’, from 15 to 90 minutes, and choose how intense the coloured LEDs become. At the end of the day, you can reverse the process with a dimming ‘sunset’ accompanied by one of the clock’s sleep sounds.

There’s plenty of choice when it comes to alarm tones; you can opt for the radio or one of 15 wake-up sounds. There are even five presets for your favourite stations.

Lumie is the specialist light therapy brand behind some of the best radio alarm clocks on sale, but you can browse our guide to the best sunrise alarm clocks for similar options.

aTune Bluetooth Radio Speaker

aTune Bluetooth Radio Speaker Black on a table

Complete with top-mounted buttons and a speaker stretching across the entire front panel, this radio alarm clock has a smart look. It’s made with a combination of metal, leather and silicone, and comes in a black and a grey finish.

As with all the best radio alarm clocks, this one uses Bluetooth to connect with compatible devices. Plus, it’s resistant to water and sand, so it’s a durable option too.

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