Black Friday can be somewhat overwhelming. Every retailer, startup, app and company offering a service or product is screaming over each other about their discounts and special offers, and you somehow have to identity which ones are worth your time.


So to make life easier for you, I too am going to yell at you about my favourite Black Friday offer and it is one for gamers.

I've been looking to make the jump to a next-gen console for a while now, held back by high prices and stock issues, I waited for Black Friday with high hopes.

But while most eyes are on the Xbox Series X, PS5 and Nintendo Switch consoles, its the cheaper Xbox Series S I bought, making use of a fantastic Amazon deal, and here is why you should too.

© Microsoft
© Microsoft

Big discounts

Next-generation consoles are not exactly known for being affordable. Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X have sat at almost the exact same price since they launched, not helped at all by their serious stock issues.

Alternatively, the Xbox Series X has come crashing down in price, with Amazon offering it for only £189.99. That is a £60 saving and an almost 25 per cent cut in price.

That kind of discount is very unlikely on the other big consoles this year, making this a very affordable alternative if you're still using an old console.

No stock issues or delays

There is enough stress going on in the world right now, you don't need the added pressure of competing with the stock problems that the PS5 or more expensive Xbox Series X offer.

Amazon made customers sign up for a waitlist just to be in with the chance of buying a PS5 this Black Friday. Some retailers didn't even have stock of the consoles going into this sales period!

The Xbox Series S on the other hand is available in large numbers. You can sit back, plan out your decision and not have to rush into a purchase you're not sure about.

Xbox Game Pass

If you've done your research, you'll know one of the main reasons the Xbox Series S is so much cheaper than the X is the lack of a disc drive. This means you can't buy physical games for your console, relying on digital purchases only.

While that sounds like a big reason to not make the purchase, I'd counter with three words: Xbox Game Pass.

The company's subscription service has come a long way since it started, offering some of the biggest games in Xbox history all in one service, saving you having to actually buy many games in your time with the console.

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Okay, you do have to buy the pass for £10.99 a month, but considering the massive library of games you get access to these days, it feels like a steal.

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