Whether it's a birthday present or a Christmas treat, a themed gift is always a winner for movie and TV buffs. If you have Star Trek fans on your gift list this winter, our eclectic mix of fun and thoughtful present ideas is sure to help you out. From cocktail books with a Star Trek twist to Captain Kirk collectables, our roundup of the best Star Trek gifts is here so you can help your loved ones add to their collection of Star Trek memorabilia.


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Best Star Trek gifts for 2021

Star Trek Enterprise blueprint metal sign

Star Trek Blue Metal Sign

This rustic tin sign of the famous USS Enterprise is ideal for a shed, garage, or anywhere outdoors, due to its hardy, waterproof nature. It would look equally cool indoors, and would be the perfect addition to a movie themed wall, alongside other posters and canvases. With four holes, it's easy to hang in any location of your choice. We love the rugged, vintage look in addition to the blueprint detail. In terms of size, it measures 20 x 30cm, so it's neat enough to slot into a range of compact spaces.

Enterprise bottle opener

Silver bottle opener

Another top pick for big Enterprise fans, this bottle opener is a classy and useful gift choice. The design is instantly recognisable – for fellow Trekkies to quickly spot – but it has a stylish, non-gimmicky vibe. This makes it perfect for fans who may appreciate a subtle nod to the franchise, rather than a full-on Spock costume. So fans can chill out, pop on their favourite Star Trek episode, or film of course, and open a refreshing beverage with their new Enterprise bottle opener. What a dreamy, sci-fi setup.

Star Trek Fluxx board game

Star Trek board game

Sick of charades? In Fluxx, the rules change as you play the cards, so it's sure to keep you on your toes. You can even alter how to win the game with the play of cards. This Star Trek: The Next Generation-themed addition is a top choice for mega fans, or anyone who enjoys a card game really. It's a fun, unconventional choice that's bound to spice up a stuffy and dusty board game cupboard. It's suitable for two to six players, so it's great for the lead-up to Christmas as family and friends arrive at the door, hungry for group entertainment.

In need of a gift for a gadget lover?

Star Trek watercolour print

Star Trek watercolour print

This watercolour print displays the cast from Star Trek: The Original Series, so it's one for the dedicated fans who have followed the franchise since day one. This funky print would make a lovely addition to a bedroom, or office. You can choose between A5, A4 and A3 and it comes frameless, so you can add your own frame if you want to upgrade your gift.

Funko Pop Captain Kirk model

Captain Kirk toy

If you know someone who's big on the Funko Pop craze, why not add Captain Kirk to their collection? With other characters from the original series available too, they can create their very own Star Trek troupe. It comes in a display box, so they can leave the character untouched and in pristine condition.

Star Trek Cocktails: A Stellar Compendium

Blue cocktail book

Fancy trying Captain Picard's Earl Grey Martini? For Star Trek fans who already own an impressive amount of merchandise, this gift is a little different. This is an amusing cocktail book, filled with witty quotations, illustrations and recipe ideas. It's a unique gift, ideal for those who adore Star Trek, and a tipple. It's also a fun Secret Santa gift if you're struggling to think of a light-hearted present idea for a co-worker!

Captain Kirk bath robe

Yellow Dressing Gown

Well, what else would you want to wear for a lazy, Star Trek movie marathon day? This soft and cosy Captain Kirk robe is a real treat for Star Trek fanatics. It comes in one size, and it's machine washable so it's easy to care for.


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