The Urban Birder: What wildlife can city-dwellers see? © Getty Images

The Urban Birder: What wildlife can city-dwellers see?

Having always been fascinated by birds, David Lindo, known as the Urban Birder, turned a hobby into a career to encourage everyone to look to the skies.

Many of us have found solace in nature over the last few months, relishing our time outdoors, especially when it was limited to one form of exercise a day. A recent report by the RSPB found that people see access to nature as being important for health and wellbeing during and in recovery from the coronavirus crisis.


One man who has always been connected to the natural world is David Lindo. Known by most as the Urban Birder, David is a champion for the wellbeing benefits of wildlife, encouraging us all to get outside and see what we can find, be it in the garden, the city, or the countryside.

In this week’s episode of the Science Focus Podcast, David tells us about the human benefits of biodiversity, the need for conservation education, and diversity within the birding community.

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