The latest photos to make the shortlist for the Royal Meteorological Society’s Weather Photographer of the Year has been announced. This year the highlights include dramatic storms, frozen and frosty vistas, spectacular sunsets and curious weather phenomena.


Photographers from around the world have been sharing their best weather shots and the stories behind the images, showcasing some rare and spectacular sights.

The competition’s judging panel comprises photography and meteorological experts. They have selected a shortlist from the main and mobile categories, with voting now open to the public to decide their favourite finalist. Winners will be announced on 6 October 2022.

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Twinkle twinkle little star

Sun melting through Ice on branches
The warm Sun starts to melt through ice crystals that have formed around a tree's branches, in this image taken in Taiwan, January 2021. Photo by Rossi Fang


Sunset over a temple in Myanmar
A pagoda reflects the glow of the setting Sun as it breaks through the rain clouds over Myanmar, in May 2022. Photo by Aung Chan Thar

Dreaming of lightning

Double lightning strike
A full Moon coincides with a spectacular lightning strike at Sant Pol de Mar, Barcelona, Spain, in September 2019. Photo by Enric Navarrete Bachs

Departing storm over Bembridge Lifeboat Station

Double rainbow and dramatic sky over lifeboat station
This image of a rare double rainbow was taken in the waters by Bembridge, Isle of Wight, United Kingdom, as a storm retreated from the island. Photo by Jamie Russell

Dam wet

Man with rainbow umbrella walks past flowing dam
Water cascades down the dam wall of Wet Sleddale reservoir near the village of Shap, Cumbria, United Kingdom. This image captures the heavy rain and strong winds brought to the UK by Storm Dennis in February 2020. Photo by Andrew McCaren

Scotch mist

mist rises above a forest
An early-morning mist descends over Tarbet, Loch Lomond, Scotland, United Kingdom, in September 2021. Photo by Vince Campbell

Ghost under the cliff

Broken spectre shadow in low sun
A phenomena known as a 'Brocken Spectre' is seen on a cliff at Tavertet, Barcelona, Spain, in June 2021. A Brocken Spectre is a large shadow of an observer (in this case the photographer) cast onto a cloud or mist. When a person stands on a hill like this one with the Sun behind them, their shadow can be projected down onto the cloud below. Photo by Emili Vilamala Benito

Winter's icy grip

Ice crystals spreading across window
In Kiruna, the northernmost town in Sweden, a beautiful icy pattern appears just before dawn on a frosty window. Photo by Felipe Martin Menzella


Snow-covered fields
This horse farm, located in southern Ontario, Canada, is shown in February 2022, after the area was hit by the worst snowfall in decades. Photo by Zhenhuan Zhou

Frosty winter sunrise over the Gwda River

Sun rises over a river in winter
A frosty and picturesque sunrise over the Gwda River in Pila, Poland. Hoar frost, as shown in this image, is the most common type of frost and occurs on clear winter nights when the surface temperature falls below 0ºC. Photo by Krzysztof Tollas

Storm Eunice

Huge wave crashes over lighthouse in a storm
Huge waves rise from the sea at Newhaven during Storm Eunice, in this image from 18 February 2022. The south coast of the United Kingdom received its first ever red weather warning due to the huge storm. Several people died under falling trees and winds reached 197km/h at the Isle of Wight. Photo by Christopher Ison

Rain bubble

Rain bubbles
Huge bubbles appear as heavy rain falls on the streets of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in October 2020. Photo by Betel Tibebu

Circle the wheat

Storm over wheat fields
A supercell storm cloud hangs over a field filled with golden wheat in Kansas, USA, June 2022. Supercells are potentially the most dangerous type of convective storm clouds. They tend to produce severe weather, including damaging winds, huge hail, flash flooding and tornadoes. Photo by Laura Hedien

Waterspout in Barcelona

Waterspout appears over the cityscape
A waterspout coincides with a lightning strike over the early morning skies of Barcelona, Spain, in July 2021. Photo by Carlos Castillejo Balsera

Solar halo making an appearance over Adelaide Island, Antarctica

Solar Halo over Antarctica
A Sun halo can be seen over the snow-covered peaks of Adelaide Island, near Rothera Research Station, Antarctica. Halos around the sun or Moon occur when the light is refracted or reflected by ice crystals, normally found in high cirrus or cirrostratus clouds or free-falling ice crystals. Photo by Thomas Chitson

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Dramatic sky above sunflower
Menacing storm clouds appear over a field of sunflowers, Rimavská Sobota, Slovakia, in July 2020. Photo by Tamás Kusza

Highway to paradise

Blurred car lights over misty bridge
Two or three times each year, Črni Kal, a small town in Slovenia, experiences a temperature inversion which places fog under the highway bridge, as shown in this stunning image. Photo by Sara Jazbar

In search of water

Children collect water during drought
Periods of extreme heat in India can cause rivers and ponds to completely dry up, leaving humans and animals struggling to find water. Here, children of the village of Purulia, West Bengal, have made deep pits in the dry river in order to collect any water they can find. Photo by Barun Rajgarias


Niagra falls covered in Ice
Icicles hang off buildings and rocks alike, during freezing temperatures at Niagra Falls, Ontario, Canada, in January 2018. Photo by Zhenhuan Zhou

Waterlily harvesting

Waterlily Harvesting
People collect waterlilies in the wetlands of West Bengal, India, to sell at the local market. This image was taken during monsoon season, in August 2020. Photo by Shibasish Saha

Thunder in Chongqing

Lightning strikes over city offices
Lightning strikes light up the sky over the city of Chongqing, China, in April 2022. Photo by Luo Xing

Mock mirage sunset over the estuary

People on estuary watching the sunset
People walk along the famous shingle path on a calm evening in Tankerton, Kent, United Kingdom, as a sunset over the Thames Estuary makes buildings in nearby Southend appear to levitate. Photo by Brendan Conway


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