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The Science Focus team: What's inside November's issue?

Published: 02nd December, 2020 at 19:56
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The team behind BBC Science Focus magazine discuss food myths, algorithms, hybrid cars and nudibranchs as we dive into the November issue.

In this episode of the Science Focus Podcast we chat through the November 2020 issue of the magazine, which is on sale now.


Editor Dan Bennett explains why, this month, we’re focussing on food myths. Scientist and writer Professor Tim Spector penned our cover feature to reveal the fact and the fiction surrounding diet and nutrition, and some of his research may have results that surprise you.

Talking about the amazing variety of our ocean’s other-worldly sea slugs is managing editor Alice Lipscombe-Southwell. These small marine animals might sport cute faces and bright colours, but they’re armed with an array of deadly defences too.

Commissioning editor Jason Goodyer digs into our piece about algorithms, which asks, what went wrong with the A Level results algorithm? And online assistant Sara Rigby scrutinises the stats around plug-in hybrid cars to find out if they’re as eco-friendly as marketed.

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