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How does concussion affect vision? © Science Photo Library

How does concussion affect vision?

Published: 14th May, 2022 at 11:00
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Many people will experience some form of vision problem as a result of a concussion.

A concussion is a type of brain injury that happens when a blow to the head makes the head move back and forth with a lot of force. More than half of the brain’s pathways are dedicated to vision and eye movement, so a diffuse brain injury such as a concussion will often affect the visual system. Most of the time this happens from damage to the optic nerve, either directly or indirectly.


Even a mild concussion can cause problems with vision, such as blurring, sensitivity to light and difficulty focusing on objects. Severe concussions can cause blindness and double vision.

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Asked by: Naomi Jones, Pontypridd

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Dr Nish Manek is a GP in London. She completed her medical degree at Imperial College and was runner-up in the University of London Gold Medal. Manek has also developed teaching courses for Oxford Medical School, and has penned articles for The Guardian and Pulse magazine.


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