As a hugely popular video game that's played by hundreds of millions, it's likely you either are a Minecraft fan, or at least know one. The sandbox video game that allows you to build, craft, mine and discover a virtual world, is a huge hit amongst all age groups. With this in mind, we've rounded up the best Minecraft gifts to help you get through your festive shopping list this year.


Our selection of the best Minecraft gifts includes a mix of guides, bedroom accessories and Lego sets, so you can surprise your favourite Minecrafters.

Best Minecraft gifts for 2023

Minecraft torch bottle

Yellow and Brown Minecraft Torch Water Bottle

Keep Minecraft players hydrated with this quirky drinking bottle. Designed in the shape of the iconic Minecraft torch, this leakproof bottle is 26.5cm in length and holds roughly 650ml, so it's a handy size for chucking in your bag and taking out for the day. It's BPA-free, and a great size for taking to school so if you're looking to encourage your kids to drink more water, this novelty bottle could do the trick.

While it won't help you see in the dark, it's a useful and fun gift that's bound to go down well with regular Minecraft torch users.

Minecraft block building light

Minecraft Block Building Light

This funky, interactive bedroom light allows you to get creative and put your building skills to the test. There are 16 blocks in total – including TNT, diamond ore, grass and gold – and you can choose how you'd like to stack them. Once you're happy, you can use your masterpiece as a bedside light. So you could go for a tall thin light, or an irregular, mismatched look, and if you ever get bored of your design, you can just change it.

Minecraft annual 2022

Green Minecraft Annual 2022

This 2022 Minecraft Annual is a bright, colourful and well-organised guide that allows players to delve deeper into the game. It includes survival challenges and building ideas for players to try out, and it's also a top gift for new players keen to learn. It also helps to keep fans in the loop with the latest updates and newest games.

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Minecraft board game

Minecraft Board Game

If you're looking to take your virtual building skills into the real world, this board game could do the trick. This game for two to four players allows you to collect rare blocks and build physical structures, while working and scheming against your components.
It's recommend for those aged 10 and over, and it should take 30 to 60 minutes. It's a good one to have in the cupboard if you're looking for an inclusive, family board game at Christmas that your kids are likely to enjoy. It's also a fun and interactive way to enjoy Minecraft with your children, especially if you don't fancy sitting at a screen for hours!

Minecraft Nintendo Switch game

Minecraft Nintendo Switch Game

If you want to enjoy Minecraft on as many devices as possible, this game is compatible with Nintendo Switch. You can access unlimited resources with the creative mode, and you can also discover new lands. We love the versatile nature of Nintendo Switch, and you can play Minecraft while on the move thanks to the handheld feature. This game is also a great shout when you're hosting a small gathering and looking for an activity, as the split screen function allows you to play with three other friends. And if you fancy seeing how Mario would find the world of Minecraft, this game includes Super Mario Mash-Up.

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Minecraft print

Colourful Minecraft Print with Black Frame

In need of a colourful piece of artwork to liven up a dull wall? This 30 x 40cm print is framed, so you don't have to worry about finding a suitable fit, and it has wall hanging fixtures, so you can put it up straight away. As merch goes, it's a stylish design, suitable for fans of all age groups.

Minecraft Lego set

Minecraft Lego Set and Box

A prime gift for those who love both Minecraft and Lego, this set features 834 pieces so it's sure to keep builders entertained. It features a mine and rail track, as well as a large Creeper statue. There's also a vegetable patch, a cactus and an oven, so this scene is not shy of a homely touch! In terms of accessories, there are three TNT blocks, two chests and four golden ore elements, so loads of extra pieces for kids to play around with. If you're short on Christmas present ideas for young ones, this is a great pick.


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