With so many workplace meetings taking place online, your desk set-up and laptop lighting matters more than ever.


There are a few things you can do to improve the image, like changing the background or finding the best webcam angle, but proper lighting may be the quickest and most effective way to boost the overall quality of the video stream.

We’ve put together a variety of lights that should put a spotlight on your efforts in the next video conference. Whether you’d prefer a ring light that will make you glow, a box light that will brighten the full frame, or even something multi-coloured to set a certain tone, we’ve got you covered with our selection of the best webcam lighting for video conferencing.

Best webcam lighting to try in 2022

Laptop Selfie Ring Light with Stand

6.3'' Laptop Selfie Ring Light with Stand on white background

This versatile ring light is 6.3 inches (16cm) wide and can be clipped onto your computer beside your camera, or propped up on your desk thanks to the adjoining stand.

The ring sits on a feely ball head which means it can be swivelled a full 360° to find the best angle that works for you. There’s also a brightness adjuster that can be set anywhere between 1 and 100 per cent so you can adapt to any changes in light throughout the day and night.

It even has three colour settings which include white, warm white and warm yellow to give you more control over the final image.

LED Video Light

LED video light camera on white background

If you want to experiment with the overall look by adding a mix of colours, this LED lamp may be your best bet. Easy to use on short notice with a quick power button on the back, this light aims to provide a soft glow as opposed to a startling spotlight.

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The colour effects are created by sliding the six different colour filters over the white light, but the original light can also be used alone if you also want the option of a more conventional set-up.

Powered by rechargeable batteries, this should last up to 600 minutes on the lowest level of brightness and around 120 minutes if you want the full effect on the strongest setting.

Ring Light for Laptop

Ring light for laptop

This convenient clip-on light is just five inches wide but should give you all the brightness you need to elevate your webcam game.

The attachment connector can rotate 360 degrees so you can find the best angle for your next meeting, with an adjustment setting that lets you control how much light the 80 LED beads give out.

It has a handy touchscreen power button so can be turned on with just two seconds' notice so you'll never have to worry about being left in the dark again for any last-minute meetings.

ELGATO Key Light

ELGATO Key Light on white background

Promising to bring all the brightness of a reliable light without any dangerous levels of heat, this handy lamp has an adjustable stand so you can find the perfect angle for your next team meeting or presentation.

This key light is capable of producing up to 2,500 lumens which can be regulated via an app so you can easily control the levels without fiddling with the set itself.

FDKOBE Video Conference Lighting Kit

FDKOBE video conference lighting kit on white background

Give yourself a professional edge and boost the production of your next presentation with this versatile video conference kit. You can play with the brightness levels, the position and height of the light, and even the temperature of the colour it gives off.

With a choice between colder hues like white light and a warmer orange, you can improve the overall production of your setup, and handily pack it all away when you're done thanks to the carry case which comes included.

WILLED Dimmable Touch Light Bar

WILLED Dimmable Touch Light Bar on white background

If you're looking for something a bit more streamlined, you could opt for this light bar which can be positioned above your laptop to create some added light.

This one is touch-activated, so you can select the level you prefer with a short tap to turn it on and off and a longer touch to choose your settings.

It also remembers the last brightness setting you had, which is a nifty feature, so you don't have to mess with the intensity every time you turn it on once you've found what works for you. The built-in battery is also rechargeable so you don’t have to spend extra on replacements.

Webcam Light Stand

Webcam Light Stand on white background

Fitted with a flexible 24.2-inch (61cm) gooseneck, this light can be bent in real time to highlight any areas in need of some extra light, with an additional mount included for your webcam. Combined with the 360° clip this gives you the full range of movement so you can find the perfect angle.

The light itself is ring-shaped for a centred glow, and features three slightly different tones depending on your needs. It’s compatible with a variety of devices and can be attached via USB to a power bank, which means it's portable so you can attend meetings on the go.

Temery Video Conference Lighting Kit

Temery Video Conference Lighting Kit on white background

Stay well-lit wherever you are with this box light that comes with a set of three clips that can can fit onto MacBooks and desktops, as well as smaller devices like your iPad and even your phone.

It has adjustable brightness settings and three different lights that you can toggle between them to find the right glow, so it can be permanently set up on your desk as a regular go-to.

LuMee Studio Clip Light

LuMee studio clip light on white background

Small enough to pop in your pocket so you can pull it out at a moment's notice, this handy clip-on light from LuMee is easy to use and works wherever there's a camera.

Simply place the ring on your monitor and you'll have three brightness settings to choose from, making sure you don't disappear into the background in your next team meeting or during that all-important presentation.

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