Prof Jim Al-Khalili is a veteran science presenter, who fronts the wonderful BBC podcast and radio show The Life Scientific. Jim won the inaugural Stephen Hawking medal for his work in science communication, teaches physics at the University of Surrey, and somehow still finds time, together with his team, to publish research in the fields of nuclear physics and quantum biology.


Over the course of six quickfire 30-minute podcast episodes, Jim will give you a whistle-stop tour of the key ideas in physics. We discuss the Big Bang, multiple worlds and end up, like all things, at the inevitable heat death of the Universe. Plus there’s plenty of talk in-between about time travel, antimatter and dark energy for those of you looking to get your mind blown.

If you still want more, Jim's new book The World According to Physics is out now (£12.99, Princeton University Press).

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The Fundamentals

Prof Jim Al-Khalili breaks down the building blocks of the Universe and reveals what simplicity, beauty and elegance have to do with physics.


Space & Time

Jim helps us get to grips with the big concepts in cosmology. We talk spacetime, relativity and, of course, the end of the Universe.


Quantum Physics

Prof Jim Al-Khalili demystifies the strange world of quantum physics. We discuss the key experiments, how quantum effects play out in the real world and, of course, Schrödinger's infamous cat.



We tackle thermodynamics – the study of energy. Together, we unravel the idea of entropy, talk about the direction of time and muse upon the inevitable heat death of the Universe.


Mysteries in physics

In this episode Prof Jim Al-Khalili reveals some of the biggest unsolved mysteries in physics. We talk about the plausibility of time travel, whether there are multiple universes and how close we are to ‘a theory of everything’.


Your questions

Prof Jim Al-Khalili answers listeners’ questions about physics, the Universe and everything else.

The World According to Physics by Jim Al-Khalili is out now (£12.99, Princeton University Press).
The World According to Physics by Jim Al-Khalili is out now (£12.99, Princeton University Press)

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