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The most mysterious objects in the Universe - Colin Stuart © Magic Torch

Colin Stuart: The most mysterious objects in the Universe

Published: 10th January, 2019 at 00:00
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From 'Oumuamua to Planet Nine, astronomy writer and Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society Colin Stuart counts down the five strangest cosmic enigmas.

In October 2017, an astronomer working in Hawaii discovered a bizarre, cigar-shaped object hurtling through our Solar System. It was the first interstellar object detected passing through our celestial neighbourhood, and imaginations were immediately sent into overdrive. Could it be an asteroid? A comet? Or even an alien spaceship, sent here on a scouting mission from a distant planet?


The strange entity, named 'Oumuamua, still has astronomers scratching their heads. But it’s not our Universe’s only mystery. From invisible galaxies to gigantic rectangles, the cosmos is awash with puzzling objects. In this week’s Science Focus Podcast, astronomy writer Colin Stuart speaks to our staff writer James Lloyd, about his top five mysterious objects.

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