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What makes me 'me'? - Aoife McLysaght © Paul Wilkinson Photography

Aoife McLysaght: What makes me 'me'?

Published: 26th December, 2018 at 10:00
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Evolutionary geneticist Aoife McLysaght is joining Alice Roberts as a guest at this year's Royal Institution Christmas Lectures. Together, they're exploring where we come from, what makes us human, and what makes each of us unique.

In this year’s Royal Institution Christmas Lectures, Professors Alice Roberts and Aoife McLysaght asked the most fundamental of questions: Who Am I?


In true Christmas Lectures style, they explored the topic with live animals, over the top experiments and a ton of audience participation.

Professor Aoife McLysaght brought her expertise in evolutionary genetics to the topic: discussing how our genes connect us to every living thing on the planet, and asking how much we can predict about a person by examining their genome.

In this episode of the Science Focus Podcast, we asked her about evolution, how we should manage gene editing, and what this year's Royal Institution Christmas Lectures are all about.

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