We often find ourselves reminiscing about our favourite 90s toys. A way for us to think back to simpler times, when keeping our Tamagotchi alive, or losing out on a shiny Pokémon card deal, were our biggest concerns. It turns out a lot of the classic 90s toys are still around, some with a modern twist, and others remaining just as we fondly remember, so we've rounded up a list of the best.


So embrace the simplicity, hilarity, and often completely bizarre nature (yes I'm referring to you baby alien sitting in a goo-filled egg) of 90s toys, and treat yourself to a trip down memory lane.

In our list of the best 90s toys, we've included a range of gaming consoles, group games and unnaturally stretchy figures, so there's something for every 90s kid, whatever your school playground craze.

The best 90s toys to buy

Rock 'Em Sock 'Em robots boxing game

Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots

Whether you were a Red Rocker fan, or more of a Blue Bomber kind of player, challenge your friend in this all too familiar boxing ring.

If you weren't lucky enough to own your own Rock Em' Sock Em' set back in the day, this 90s toy involves using the joysticks to knock your opponent's head off. A bit of fast-paced fun.

Suitable for kids over six, it's sure to come in handy if you've got a couple of restless children looking to release some energy. Or of course you can phone up an old rival. There's even sound effects to really take you back.


Tamagotchi Original

If you miss the stress of keeping your Tamagotchi well fed, happy and well, just alive really, you'll be pleased to know the 90s virtual pets are still available. With their classic chain and chirpy sound effects, get ready to feel that overwhelming sense of responsibility all over again.

More like this

Alien eggs

Box of alien eggs

When we weren't tending to our Tamagotchi's needs, there's a high chance we were looking after our beloved alien babies. The alien eggs and their plastic egg casings were a big hit in the world of 90s toys, with the squishy and stretchy characters and slimy putty proving hugely popular. A school playground classic, you may have fond memories of comparing and swapping your tiny silver and gold aliens with class members.

You get six plastic eggs in this kit, and each egg features two aliens.

These twin baby aliens are an ideal gift for goo enthusiasts, or they'd work well as a quirky party bag addition for children's birthday parties.

SEGA Mega Drive mini

SEGA Mega Drive Mini

As 90s toys go, there's nothing quite as nostalgic as a clunky gaming console and a brightly pixelated screen. This miniature SEGA Mega Drive replica contains 40 games, so you can plug in and immerse yourself into the sentimentality of it all straight away.

The pre-loaded games include Sonic the Hedgehog, Ghouls 'n Ghosts, Road Rash 2, Ecco the Dolphin and Super Fantasy Zone. So whether you're looking to dip into an old favourite, or try something new, be prepared to lose a few hours of your day.

Pokémon Shining Fates Crobat or Dragapult box set

Pokemon Shining Fates Crobat or Dragapult trading card

For some, the best 90s toys were collectables, with Pokémon cards being at the centre of many serious playground and neighbourhood trading deals. This trading game card set is a bit of a surprise, as you can get either the Crobat or Dragapult box set. In addition, you'll get two promo cards, an oversize card, a coin, seven Shining Fates booster packs and one code card, so plenty to get stuck into.

You can use this set alongside any other Pokémon trading card game, so it's a nice gift idea for fans of the franchise looking to boost their collection.

  • £41.50

Buy the Pokémon Shining Fates Crobat Or Dragapult trading card now from Argos

Giant rainbow Slinky

Giant Spring Slinky, Rainbow Coloured

Remember the sheer joy of watching your Slinky satisfyingly plonk down the stairs? This model is larger than the traditional springy toys we associate with the 1990s, measuring 15 x 15 x 15cm. A nice screen-free way to entertain kids, or fun desk accessory when you're feeling the afternoon lull.



A 90s favourite that's held the test of time, who doesn't love Jenga? The easy, fun - albeit tense - wooden block game is great for boring rainy days, countryside retreats and works well as an ice breaker too. Tackle any awkwardness with tumbling blocks and hilarity.

Stretch Armstrong

Stretch Armstrong

Bring the dependable and bendy Stretch Armstrong back into your life.

Whatever you did with poor Stretch - whether you yanked his arms, stretched him with your friend, or tied him in knots - you can do it all again with this original model. Measuring just 12 x 14 x 4 cm, pop him in your bag and use him as a stress ball.

  • £20

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Nerf Super Soaker

Nerf Super Soaker

Looking to upgrade your water fight game this summer? This Nerf Super Soaker is pretty compact in size, and features the pumping mechanism we all remember as kids. Just fill up and you're ready to go. A water gun is a great way to liven up a family BBQ, or get a couple and let your kids entertain themselves in the garden.

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